Nokia disclosure: fall in love with Microsoft real reason for it makes us different

Beijing time on May 16, news, online news website Mashable published Wednesday named Duncan Madden (Duncan Madden). The author through interviews with nokia executive vice President of sales and marketing Chris webber (Chris Weber), unveiled nokia so big the real reason for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating platform.

the following for the article summary:

given nokia yesterday released the new flagship smartphone 925 welcome the company, we specially with nokia executive vice President of sales and marketing Chris webber chat for 15 minutes. We focus on the problem is that nokia is the future.

for that matter, weber’s answer is, of course, “Windows Phone camp”. But, why in the autumn of life and death of nokia will put all your eggs in one basket, put all the hopes on laughed at by people’s largest mobile system?

the reason seems to be very simple, that is, each a nokia employee, from research and development personnel to executives, they are convinced that Windows will provide consumers with the most consistent and forward-looking services.

wei said: “now we are faced with the problem is not provided by the product itself. We know that when people get one of the company phones, they like Windows interface and dynamic magnet (Live Tiles). These functions are the signature difference with other mobile phone manufacturers. Is the key to implement and dig details, how to make our cooperation with Microsoft has more vitality, make people notice that Windows hand machine will be an alternative to the Android and iOS.”

weber also explained the reason why like Microsoft: “we at Microsoft bet for two reasons. First of all, we feel we can be different, so we have close cooperation, especially in the aspect of imaging showed. Second, Microsoft has the broadest ecosystem, hand machine, tablet, PC and XBOX, nokia as the digital lifestyle, this respect including content are many, such as Microsoft cloud services SkyDrive, Bing search engine, XBOX game equipment and Skype. This series of products can be together, so we are very glad to be in the same trench with Microsoft.”

at this point, weber’s analysis is reasonable. Microsoft’s profound ecological system layout, set up perfect. Nokia was responsible for creating the best Windows Phone. From the past, however, a variety of news reports, the nokia Windows Phone does not seem to be appealing. Consumers think Windows Phone than Android and apple a lower class, they do not believe that nokia with Windows Phone can play regicide.

however, weber said that the situation is changing. Webb said: “we are making progress. In the fourth quarter of 2012, we sold 4.4 million units worldwide the company mobile phone, in the first quarter of 2013 degrees, this type of products has reached 5.6 million units. The second quarter of this year, we are growing faster. Compared to apple sold 47.8 million iphones in the first quarter of 2013, the same period the Android occupy 75% of the total market, sold 156 million units of digital, you can imagine nokia has a long way to go.” Weber continued: “we do want to pace faster, so we launched the company in 928 and 925, the company we big operators are equipped with a new phone to the United States, for example, the company 920 special supply AT& 928 T, 928, the company for Verizon and the company for t-mobile. To this, we feel excited, and will absolutely committed to the development of the Windows.”

to the target audience, weber’s answer is not sure. Webb, however, in answer to nokia mobile phone heavily imaging technique, and said the Smart Camera is the core competitiveness, the company 925 then back to the topic: “we need to do is open up a whole new market, let consumers have different choices, we see 920 consumers because of imaging software to use the company phone, I believe that the situation will also appear in 925. The company” However, as a selling point to weber imaging processing software is not proprietary, nokia other users can through the application form. But in front of the argument, so inadequate webber seemed unfazed.

wei said: “we have to do is to help people understand the phone, PC and XBOX the true meaning of integration. If we focus on Net Promoter Score (Net Promoter Score), we find the company mobile phone came out on top in the nokia product Net Promoter scores. However, we still have a lot of work to do, not only to create great products, more important is to make products make our life become different.”

although nokia recovery, it is a long road, but see their passion and some such as the company recently launched 925 staff of high quality products. I couldn’t ignore the existence of the nokia temporarily.

translation: tencent technology