Nokia China market downturn: shipments fell 63% to sell than cool

Beijing time on April 18, according to foreign media reports, nokia has just published the results in the first quarter of 2013, according to the company, a subsidiary of global sales of smartphones quarter-on-quarter growth by 27%, to 5.6 million units. Although such growth is achieved, but the figure is still hidden behind nokia faces a real problem – the downturn in the Chinese market.

nokia product sales figures show that, in addition to the north American market, the company mobile phone sales have dropped in other global markets, including in the Chinese market sales. In the first quarter of 2013, nokia’s mobile phone sales in the greater China region for 3.4 million units, compared with the previous quarter fell 26%, was slumped by 63% over the same period last year.

the So to nokia’s concern about the performance in the first quarter of this year in the Chinese market, because in the first quarter covers traditional Chinese holiday, this is all the traditional retailers selling season, especially for mobile, tablet computers and other electronic equipment company is even more so, because during the hundreds of thousands of Chinese people will buy this kind of product gifts. In addition, nokia in China made a series of promising agreement, which is thought to help nokia to boost the market in China mobile phone sales, however, does not meet expectations.

many agreement in nokia at the end of last year and is the most striking in China mobile signed agency agreement the company 920 t smartphone. China mobile has the world’s largest user base, the total number of more than 700 million, and China mobile is not agent for the apple iPhone, which makes the company 920 t become China mobile’s network running on one of the major 3 g smart phones, the company 920 t smartphones are thought to have broad prospects in the Chinese market.

however, nokia has not released the company in each regional market sales, also not released different models of regional sales, so the company that there might be a growth in the Chinese market sales, but given the nokia phones in almost the entire international market sales decline, this seems unlikely.

aid bring news from nokia, compared with the fourth quarter of last year, in the first quarter of this year, nokia smartphone sales in the Chinese market, revenue growth of 20%, in the greater China region of smartphone sales fell by 26% month-on-month, revenue fell 63% year-on-year. Compared with last quarter, in addition to the greater China region, nokia’s net sales are falling, the greater China region of the net sales growth is mainly thanks to the growth of the smartphone business.

nokia said, to the fierce competition in the mobile phone market for nokia mobile phone sales had a negative effect, and the Chinese market competition is more competitive than most market, a large number of local mobile phone maker, far below the prices of nokia, samsung and apple’s flagship mobile phone sales different versions of the Android mobile phone.

millet mobile phone is the most typical example. It is estimated that this year the millet smartphone sales will reach 15 million units, from 7.19 million units in 2012, more than doubled its only expected sales in the Chinese market may be more than the company nokia smartphones in global sales this year. On the other hand, this also shows that the Chinese market has great potential for other mobile phone makers.

on April 23, apple will be released in the second quarter 2013 financial figures (time span the same as the nokia in the first quarter of 2013), is expected during apple’s smartphone sales in the greater China region may be substantially increased, but not the case in the whole Asian market, in part because of Chinese New Year. Nokia has been long for that growth.

China is the world’s largest smartphone market, has huge development potential, samsung (recently become the largest smartphone maker in China) and other smartphone makers have made a good performance in the Chinese market, so how to develop the Chinese market business has become a nokia need to solve a major problem.

it’s hard to know, in addition to price, nokia also can in the Chinese market which different measures to promote the product sales, after all, nokia could not have put the smartphone prices to millet smartphone prices level, millet smartphone prices is only half the price of high-end the company nokia smartphones.

situation is not very good for nokia. Last month, nokia quietly closed the flagship store in Shanghai. Market research firm Strategy Analytics that nokia smartphone sales in the Chinese market can only be in seventh place, not only lagged behind rivals, such as lenovo and huawei, cool and still lags behind that of the local mobile phone manufacturers.