Nokia Asha500/502/503, in view of the low-end market

as the company series of popular a smartphone “successor” (520) of the company, the company in 525 the main function of music, code-named “Glee” (sing).

the Asha 500/502/503, the three phones are for low-end market. In addition to low prices, still keep the color and the characteristics of the double card double stay.

user just slide through gestures can switch different shooting mode (photos, video), like iOS. 7.

Whatsapp will officially login Asha phones next month.

Nokia Asha sells for $69, 500 in this quarter will log in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and other places;

Nokia Asha 502 sells for $89;

Nokia Asha 503 3 g version for $99.