No. 1 store volume group accused of plagiarism

1, recently launched a “group” 1 channel launch life volume, selling the paper towel, shampoo and other consumer goods. The trouble ensued. Some netizens said, no. 1 store life volume group and bargain, volume is very much alike, suspected of piracy.

by contrast, on the page 1 store life volume group and bargain, indeed there are more than imitate traces. From the name to the page and head design, as well as copywriter goods with bargain, volume group.

in fact, in addition to the no. 1 shop, several B2C sites have also copied deals for volume business, trying to piece of the pie. But it also caused consumers, many netizens have also complained that the page is messy, almost every platform carved out of a mold. To this, an electrical business practitioners say, noncommittal industry learn from each other, but so naked copying, is malicious competition, against commercial principles.

it is known that deals for the end of June for life like paper towels, shampoo FMCG pioneered the volume group. Unlike ordinary group-buying, volume of goods is not to sell, with “a” and use “box” to buy units, such as a box 12 bottles of shampoo and 40 masks, 24 packages one case of only one case of sanitary napkins, etc. When purchasing a unit upgrade at the same time, the price of these goods is almost down to the wholesale price. This way the launch was welcomed by consumers, all the electric business platform that is being a copycat.