Nintendo third-quarter loss, money to hit on the research and development

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while the pokemon XY momentum toward the end of the season to expand sales goal

nintendo published on October 30, 2013, the company earnings, said sales in the third quarter of 2013 is as high as 2013 yen (calculated at the current yen exchange rate (0.062) of about 12.18 billion yuan, compared with the same period last year decreased by 2.2%), operating profit loss of 23.278 billion yen (calculated at the current exchange rate is about 1.44 billion yuan), often profits (operating profit + non-operating profit) is 1.248 billion yuan, a quarterly net profit of 600 million yuan

in April 2013 to September: the nintendo 3 ds (including 3 ds LL 2/3 ds and ds) in Japan in April issue of the ト モ ダ チ コ レ ク シ ョ ン new lifestyle magazine created 1.63 million sets of good grades. And the third party game quality is very to force, so keep the excellent situation in the domestic market. In Europe and the United States in June in the overseas market, the sale of the animals sold more than 2.01 million sets (worldwide sales of 2.49 million sets). After sale Louis haunted house 2 and now sell Mario and Louis RPG4 fantasy adventure “, the return of donkey kong 3 d sales remain strong. With the support of these well, nintendo’s handheld hardware sales of 3.89 million units, software sales of 27.38 million units.

in addition, the company of their own fist game on the Wii U platform series Pikmin3 in July in Japan, Europe, sold in the United States in August. “The legend of zelda Wind is the rod HD remakes September or areas in the us are on sale. Thus the hardware (the Wii U) sales have reached 460000 units, software sales, collection of 6.3 million sets.

in addition, the nintendo DS, DSi LL/DSi/DSLite/DS, nintendo’s generation of handheld) on sales of about 100000 sets, software sales of 5.25 million units, Wii (nintendo handheld on generation, has already announced this month production) sales of 470000 units, the software collection 14.9 million sets.

reported, “according to the current data, sales of 196.5 billion yen (including overseas sales of 129.1 billion yuan, up to 65% of overseas sales). Can not be opened due to the European and American market, facing the Wii U’s situation is still grim, total sales of 62 billion yen. In terms of operating profit and loss, to expand sales in advertising and the Wii U project research and development to promote the aspects of investment, and spending, general management fee to offset the sales gross profit, eventually produced, resulting in a loss of 23.2 billion yen. Considering the yen, the actual loss of about 18.3 billion yen, operation profit is 1.2 billion yuan, quarterly net profit of 600 million yen.”

on the other hand, the current results of expectations, and on April 24th, 2013, when the forecast is very close. In the future on the nintendo 3 ds sold around the world in October of the pokemon XY will hit the popularity of as a platform to offer help. And overseas markets, to cancel the launch of 3 d display function 2 ds, also in order to achieve at the end of the business to improve sales and fan expansion goals provides a strong support. In addition, the platform for the Wii U lost momentum also need back, his game in the next year will be focused on the Wii U platform to carry out the attack. “Wii Party U” and “Wild” Mario 3 d fist products such as the sale, will be for cheap with bundles of games for the Wii U works (sell hosting package with game, carried in the era of the Wii game is Wii Sport). And the Wii Fit U (fitness somatosensory game) experience of free promotion strategy will be the next stage. In 3 ds and Wii U platform from last year’s game software download version of the sales are starting to provide support for platform. Cut down the hardware overhead for improving the net profit target also give a lot of help.