Nine years up 100 times! Tencent analysis factors of stock prices continued to rise

on June 16, 2004, tencent QQ, listed in Hong Kong at that time only hk $3.70 per share. Nine years later, as of the time, tencent’s stock has climbed to 377.00 yuan per share, compared with just listed is up one hundred times more value (698.746 billion)

this is nine years tencent holdings, we can see from the graph listed since 2004, October 2007, tencent holdings has been a modest growth, until March 2009, the share price by leaps and bounds, began to increased markedly.

share price ups and downs and obvious node

since 2004, listed by the end of 2008, due to the continuously increase in the number of tencent QQ, makes the slowly rising share prices.


2008 tencent DNF (underground city and warrior), CF (through the wire), and other game, netting a large number of players, and with the success of tencent game strategy, its 2009 form a wonderful, make share price rose sharply, and litres.

in 2010, under the premise of the stock market itself is bad, tencent on November 3 q war broke out with qihoo 360 company, the company image, some customers feel angry, even give up use tencent’s products, such as QQ also only make share price decline, down slightly.

since January 21, 2011, launched WeChat general growth trend to the same year in June, and also is this year, tencent’s officially opened QQ online, tencent complete electrical business strategic layout, but because of when the taobao double tenth one 12-12 activity, reputation not explicit, and from June 2011 to 2012 shares of declining slowly.

at the end of 2011, WeChat string can shake version 3.0 makes WeChat sharply, in 2012 and began acting the hero alliance (economic of Legends), tencent shares bounced back, continue to increase substantially.

news from WeChat will charge in March 2013, that a tencent holdings, down nearly 15%. And then with almost stocks rally in good and in micro letter “marriage” two big operators, and tencent holdings again good, achieved steady growth trend.

expand business strategy with the management structure of the relatively stable

tencent company set up since 1998, tencent started with tencent QQ, to obtain a large number of users. And QQ, there is no secret way to make money, it is nothing but a group of hardcore users, they are willing to pay for tencent’s various value-added services, and then tencent company started to develop online games, game platform, since August 2011, the game revenues accounted for about 54% of the company’s total revenue, and then has been increased. It is conceivable that a huge amount of user is tencent’s style and made him no matter what launch, can better have a good development environment. But in recent years, WeChat, electricity strategy layout is complete, including had a negative impact of 3 q war no doubt not on tencent’s strategy to occupy other signal and in the field of action. Launch makes the micro letter had greater platform, and with the recent popular mobile game, tencent and borrow micro letter to raise revenue, is a fool. Electrical business strategy to complete the layout of tencent in the field of electricity to enduring, though in this area is now couldn’t compete with alibaba, but no doubt is to expand the market.

from top management ways, tencent team structure is relatively stable. Although li qing departure but did not affect. Ma holds CEO also not seen obvious mistakes. In addition, as a professional manager Mr Lau since joining tencent in 2005, the overall strategy and strategy implementation is more appropriate. Compared with baidu, netease company high-level personnel changes frequently, such as tencent’s stable environment for the business as a whole grew laid a good foundation.

9 years, share prices after one hundred times the value of one of the branch network in the world shares the eighth, tencent again in yesterday introduced a micro letter version 5.0, officially launched the commercial background. For nearly a year or two shares of tencent, the support of micro letter will directly to the success of the absolute tencent will be in the future, as the share prices continue to rise to lay the tencent mobile dominance; If lost, it will play back into tencent.