Nexus 7 new photo exposure

after the second generation the Nexus 7 again for a new exposure. @ evleaks this time send pictures is very exquisite, internal propaganda images can come from the manufacturer.

from the picture to confirm before exposure to some of the New changes: the Nexus logo changed from horizontal to vertical, increased the front-facing camera, breathing notification lights, pair of speakers.

New the Nexus 7 possible configurations:

specific configuration is as follows:


LCD screen, 1080 resolution;

, , two storage solution for users to choose;

, is different from the past, has two cameras: LITEONMOBILE (lite-on mobile) production of pre – 120 all pixels; From the Chicony light company (group) 500 all the rear camera. And left rear camera 3.5 mm headphone jack;

, motherboard and processor are from qualcomm, qualcomm respectively APQ8064 the mainboard, Xiao dragon S4 Pro processor;

, New Nexus7 DDR3L RAM will reach the (of course, can also be 2 gb );

, power interface was placed on the bottom, open the key and the volume keys are placed on the left;

, in addition, the New Nexus7 also comes with two speakers. The two speakers are back on the equipment, one of the distance USB and close to mouth.

the first three days after the second generation Nexus 7 will be released. 7 on 24 day, Google will hold a by Sundar Pichai conference, hosted by the leading role of this conference is probably Android 4.3 and the second generation the Nexus 7 . That is to say: the Nexus 7 there is a strong possibility to become the first Android 4.3 equipment.

the legendary price: 16 g version, which costs $229, the 32 gb version of $269.