Next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6: in September this year

according to overseas technology website Stuff, the company the next iPhone will be named “the iPhone 6”, launched in September this year.

according to the report, the UK mobile operator vodafone website released a list of products pictures, said it would sell apple 4 g version of the “iPhone 6” smart phones. According to the report, the company will be released in June 7, iOS and the iPhone in September 6.

in 2012 by apple worldwide developers conference (WWDC) released iOS 6, then launch the iPhone 5 in September this year. From the point of the image of vodafone’s website, the operators are preparing for the iPhone 6 listed, rather than the previous rumoured “iPhone 5 s”. Under normal circumstances, has not yet been released by apple’s smartphone appear on the product catalog retailer, means that this phone is coming.

from the perspective of the leaked photos of vodafone website, iPhone 6 will be fully equipped with 4 g, other features and specifications include a bigger screen and thinner airframe design, etc. Reportedly, the iPhone 6 screen size biggest could reach 5 inches. In addition, from the fingerprint sensor to the flexible structure of the new features also makes the eagerly anticipated by his apple fans. Recently, apple has already received a stealth button or slider patent, the patent is expected to the iPhone 6: in the mobile phone need not when, buttons and controller will contact, users will be based on the thermal sensor is revealed.

according to the report, otherwise the plastic fuselage of cheap iPhone will also appeared in early this summer, but apple didn’t comment for these rumors.