News: apple’s acquisition of “second screen” streaming media startups Match. TV

according to people familiar with the anonymous call, apple recently acquired recently closed “second screen” streaming media application of service company Matcha. TV .

Matcha. TV is a based on iOS application platform of the streaming media information aggregation. The application on a combination of most of the information network, the video on TV media, information sources include cable TV provider ( Comcast ), streaming media service provider ( Netflix , Hulu , Amazon Prime ), and digital video store ( iTunes , Amazon ). In addition, users can look from general queue management own video content, video is recommended. Matcha. TV also supports associated with social networking sites, after binding account user can realize friends watch or favorite video information.

however, surprisingly, in May this year Matcha. TV suddenly shut down the service. The official did not make a specific explanation. The Matcha. TV CEO Guy Piekarz to TechCrunch , Matcha are not permanently closed, but a change in the new operating direction.

technology site VentureBeat respectively contacted apple with Matcha. TV . Apple apple on the response: “acquisition always have the tradition of small technology companies, in general we will not disclose our acquisition purpose or plan. (this is almost all apple in response to the recent takeover of official standard answer) and another party Piekarz declined to comment.

according to VentureBeat get news, apple is said to be paid for the acquisition about 100 to 150 all around.

but actually finalize cost may be higher than the estimate, after all, Matcha. TV for now is rapid development phase, the App in App Store entertainment applications stays before the 15 good ranking. But there are also the message pointed out that the forecast and the toy is not enough precise, but also failed to give a more in-depth analysis for the time being.

so why buy apple Matcha. TV ?

Matcha. TV and no rich patent, no large user base, it is the high quality video information aggregation service from the Internet, to serious broadcast on television. And apple, although there are signs that apple will move into TV market, and follow the traditional plan to to redefine TV industry , but for now, apple has not yet been published definite plans. But in the Matcha. TV acquisition, Matcha. TV all information aggregation technology at least is with apple TV market again in the future development plans have certain correlation.