New user mobile suspended fly to chat in disclosure: fetion will add voice intercom

the author: Kang Zhao

about why China mobile to suspend development mobile phone chat chat “fly” new users seem to be a mystery, but, according to people familiar with the fact that China mobile will not stop developing fly about business, and will greatly strengthen the main function of the fly chat, currently negotiating is the basic direction of fetion and fly to chat together, directly on the fly, fly to chat voice intercom function is added to the letter makes fetion functions more powerful.

two brands and features will be unity

fly to chat is geared to the needs of young group of a new generation of lightweight mobile client communication tool, is the IP version of fetion mobile client, is moving in the “flying letter” product development, on the basis of different from fetion is increased the function of voice message, users can chat with fly free calls

previously from China mobile to suspend development flew about the cause of the new user is China mobile to give up fly chat and actual situation, to the contrary. , according to people familiar with the China mobile to create mobile Internet products very seriously, to fly and fly to chat very seriously, but, if will fly and fly to chat is divided into two brand to promote, let users understand the two products, in fact more adverse to fly and fly about promotion.

it is in this case, the fly chat function in the future will be directly embedded into the fly letter, fetion will have similar functions to WeChat, will support the real-time message exchange with fetion fetion buddies; Support fly chat with fetion buddies (offline) message exchange (mobile users only); Through the mobile phone number registered to use, can also support unicom and telecommunications users, across the net, across multiple mobile phone platform service.

why advocate fetion, mainly because the fetion has accumulated more than 8000 users, peak number of users has seen, and fly to chat only millions of users. Because, promote fetion will be more easy.

China tai yue the wishful thinking of

however, the deeper reason is flying to chat about it on the ownership of the problem.

, according to people familiar with the fetion the whole architecture of the technical support is the shenzhou tai yue, later, the shenzhou tai yue in China mobile unwittingly developed fly about this product, originally called “idle talk”, China mobile’s discovery that fly to chat is fetion derivatives, should belong to China mobile, hence run by China mobile in the past.

but because China has not formally established a mobile Internet company, to fly to chat has no real promotion, shenzhou tai yue on the fly to chat this product also is unable to produce benefits. Thus China mobile chat if add fetion functions on the fly, both China mobile and China tai yue is welcome, as long as can do fetion, good for both sides.

at the same time, technically, the shenzhou tai yue also is not a problem. And shenzhou tai yue wants to fly even chat function not only for China mobile, also can be used for the overseas operator. Is currently promoting fetion abroad application is China tai yue, rather than China mobile, China mobile to fly and fly to chat can also clearly support to overseas markets.

in fact, from the forward by China mobile fetion project bidding can see clue. China mobile, the bidding is divided into four parts.

a is the sub-project of the fetion business infrastructure services infrastructure services as fetion business components, implementation and support services, including product platform and resource support services, marketing and channel support services and so on three parts work content, software product development in the current projects include four main working direction: MAC fetion, doing fetion, public platform, information delivery platform.

the second is the sub-project of the fetion business wireless products, wireless products fetion business components including mobile fetion fetion HD and two parts, software product development in this project includes three main directions: audio and video traffic capacity, fetion desktop Launcher, fetion ROM.

the third is the old subprojects fetion business, old formerly fetion fetion space and content of fetion open platform, is China mobile fetion SNS products. The old subprojects fetion business scope of work including around old technical implementation and support of fetion as well as the two most software development work.

4 it is fetion business component of public service, fetion subproject of public service is based on fetion precipitation for many years a large number of user base, guided by the market prospects for development, draw lessons from the Internet mature business model, mining fetion business value, realize fetion own product value and the users cashability flow value. Mainly includes the fly bean platform channels, electronic products, promote a sub-project of the platform and content management and operation.

as you can see the project subject to tender, China mobile is basically to bone of fetion big changes. And the idea is that the second bidding the fetion business component of wireless products, business products (including wireless phone fetion fetion fetion HD and two parts, software product development in this project includes three main directions: audio and video traffic capacity, fetion desktop Launcher, fetion ROM.

this project is to chat will fly ability of audio and video call set in fetion, and subcontracting is China tai yue, that is to say, will fly to chat and fetion technology incorporated in the fencing is China tai yue.