New Kindle Fire HD or pick up top qualcomm chip: Xiao dragon 800 listed this fall

for a long time, the Kindle Fire tablet series were amazon as a most potential and value of its product line. If earlier today from the foreign media reports are true, then the forthcoming new KindleFire will with its powerful processing performance and shake the tablet market.

, the foreign technology blog BGR reported they learn from more credible sources: a new version of the Kindle Fire top qualcomm processor is adopted in the HD – 800 Xiao dragon 4 core processor, frequency to 2 GHZ. Although so far, we haven’t seen carrying qualcomm large equipment, a new generation of the processor can be in the second half of this year, the company says the first Xiao dragon 800 mobile devices will be listed. (translator note: SONY XL39h is currently listed on the first pick up Xiao dragon 800 processor of smartphone)

BGR reports also pointed out that the new version of the Kindle Fire 7 inches HD screen resolution would increase greatly, from the original 1280 x 800 pixels upgraded to a 1920 x 1200 pixels. Specific configuration is as follows: 2 gbram, support LTE, wifi, 16/32/64 gb of memory, a front-facing camera. In addition, the new 8.9 -inch Kindle Fire HD is roughly how the configuration. In addition to having a 8000000 megapixel rear camera, the device also has a higher screen resolution: 2560 x 1600 pixels (turns out to be 1920 x 1200 pixels). As previously, the new KindleFire will carry heavy customized version of the Android, based on out of Jelly Bean operating system. BGR was quoted as saying, according to people familiar with the above two devices will become more thin.

if the news is true, past history, BGR disclosures are not allowed to be on time), then amazon will Nexus7 launched grudge against Google. Especially if the new version of the Kindle Fire version 7 inches, 8.9 “version can still maintain the price of us $199 and $299 in the case, amazon will gain competitive advantage.

however, given in the rumor, the new Kindle Fire is built-in top qualcomm processor, high costs is not let we suspect that the Fire can also keep it low price.