New iPhone: talk with the truth

September is apple’s new season, and apple will be held on September 10, product launches, so various rumours abound in the media, recently have a basis in the pass, not based on manufacturing on also want to pass. All in all, it’s time to test a media moral integrity.

xiao yun had no intention of sensational gimmick, had to honestly the recent rumors again, trying to say that we know what, I don’t know what.

we know for sure:

apple September will launch two new phone: high-end version of the iPhone, mid-range version of the iPhone. This has been confirmed.

conference on September 10, will be released at least an iPhone.

low-end version of the iPhone, the so-called cheap iPhone using the plastic shell.

rumors (high possibility, but it is still unable to confirm) :

1, the high-end version of the new iPhone call iPhne 5 s, mid-range version of the iPhone 5 c.

2, high-end version of the iPhone, in addition to the traditional black and white and dichromatic,

3, mid-range version of the iPhone has a variety of color shells are available

4, hon hai (foxconn) has informed apple started mass production these two models. June has already started to yuan reserves. (via)

rumors (possibility, believe it or not I still choose to not letter)

1, the new generation iPhone will have the fingerprint recognition technology.

2, low-end version of the iPhone China trading at 3999.

rumors (can’t, don’t tease)

1, the new iPhone will be equipped with liquid metal casing

2, the new iPhone will have a lighter function

3, the new iPhone will be equipped with flexible screen

4, new iPhone can hit

in addition, yesterday to xiao yun shocked: “SONY to file for bankruptcy this 1200% against the common sense of news can spread on sina weibo…

the furthest distance in the world, is the rumor and the distance between the truth.

in pupil can when the editors of science and technology, sports journalists an inter-bank tech news s , watching the news, really need to alert, otherwise IQ things small, off about moral integrity.

if nothing new on news, xiao yun will not take the iPhone (s) of Rumors to all messed up. Then, who love the who to let go.