New cloud · depth hunting 】 【 “productivity applications,” the golden age is coming

when Microsoft is committed to put our in the past, more and more newcomers have opened the golden age of “productivity software (application)”. Different from Office,’s iWorks and Google Docs, and new developers to grasp the pulse of the era of mobile, created the perfect mobile computing applications. these “productivity software (application)” the main features are: touch operation, real-time processing, collaborative operation and a high degree of visibility.

Office: “darling” of the PC era, the era of mobile “has-been”

when the dawn of the PC era, the conventional enterprises rely on mainframes and minicomputers hasn’t realized Office will bring the huge impact. For what was then a slightly “thin” office software, how many people seem to be some. Can be proved the powerful processing function of Office, changed the way the whole Office, and even changed the related industry pattern.

however, in the face of aggression mobile Internet, “darling” is somewhat at a loss. As a multifunctional application software based on task processing, pioneered by Office personal computer processing time has slowly dies. Touch operation, real-time processing, and the need of high visibility, has replaced the original keyboard, mouse, fixed display screen. , the PC era “darling” mobile “has-been” of The Times.

productivity applications: cars not cultivated land truck

at present, there are over 1 billion smartphone users, most of them are pure generation “mobile” (translator note: namely the most begin to contact device is a mobile device users). For these people, what they need is a new application “productivity” rather than the Office Office software. Jobs at once for the above phenomenon made an image of the parable:


when in a farming society, for the concept of “car” from our minds stay can harvest of cultivated land, agricultural trucks. When cities, equipped with power steering and automatic-shift cars began to replace the original truck, became our new understanding for car this things. PC is like those trucks, although the future they will not go away, but the role is far less important.

according to the national venture capital association (heesen), according to data released since 2010, when the apple tablet, productivity software in the field of total investment exceeding us $4 billion.

the following is the “productivity software” in apple’s app store, it is not difficult to see a new, we work together, the rise of creative value application:

: allows the user to networking, storage or share video, files anytime and anywhere. At present the company has raised $250 million.

: combine color and gestures skillfully create a reminder application date.

: with strong storage and editing the impression of notes (the company), has set up a mobile application ecosystem productivity. At present the company has raised $250 million.

: a Paper for the development of the famous drawing notes applications, widely praised the startup. Last week, the company in A round of funding harvest is $1500.

FiftyThree’s goal is to create a complete set of “creative mobile production tool”. But, don’t be fooled by its slogan, because in today’s world, creativity is the first productive force.

with the advent of the era of Web2.0, productivity software (application) has brought the rural part in the field of mobile computing. In both timeliness, sociability, visibility, and in terms of appeal, the productivity of emerging software are far better than the traditional office software. A lengthy production depth survey (Word document), May 15 seconds in the sets of video is sufficient to account; The effect of using powerpoint in the conference in the industry, and even miss playing a video on the Vine.

change: to redefine the business value and productivity

once upon a time, almost every PC can see the figure of Office (the original and piracy), but now it never appear. Accompanied by social networking and collaborative operation, and the rise of personal computing equipment, has changed the way of commercial production in an all-round way.

smartphones positioning function and real-time communication technology, has the huge potential of “share of the economy”. Last year, points out that social media and online community has become the impetus of commercial marketing. Virtual community of users through the recommended products, share experience, to create preference list, promote the product marketing in virtually. Survey also found that those who have more friends in the social networking site users, often become the main consumers of goods. In such cases, a qualified community manager is much more than a large amount of data analysis form work.

is a chocolate factory is located in San Francisco. In order to promote their product, it has released an iPhone app, allow the user to put a camera in the factory to watch the production process of chocolate. This depends on productivity software (application) obtained good effect, is out of reach for any promotion plan in PPT.

the new mode of production and the way of creativity is the result of the new “productivity applications. If any company like Microsoft, have simply transplanted to the mobile Office, such as “naive” idea, will miss out on mobile development opportunities of The Times.