Network security, Internet security company Crowdstrike won $30 million B round of funding


, there are so widespread: “there are only two companies in the world. One is by hackers abuse, one kind is by hackers visited also don’t know.”

the author is from the company heard this argument. Crowdstrike is a located in irvine, California ( Irvine ). Recently, Crowdstrike announced raised 3000 all round of financing, the financing by vc firms Accel partners and its partners Sameer Gandhi at this point to join Crowdstike the executive board. Crowdstrike a founding investor private equity companies Warburg Pincus also participate in the financing.

as the recent several hacker attacks, information security is becoming more and more attention. Whether the Syrian electronic army’s attack on the New York times and other media, or the Chinese military aspects of us claim theft of intellectual property rights, is to make people realize that regardless of company size, have to attach importance to information security will be the process of operation.

Crowdstrike based on the analysis of the advanced technology and machine learning technology, through the cloud platform for real-time analysis of network attack and attack back. Positioning attack source has always been a computer is a big problem in information security. People know when you want to know that it will attack you attack comes from where, but tend to be in time to look at specific information. Crowdstrike the real-time analysis (i.e., in the process of attack is going to locate) method is more complex.

“we set up the platform have been able to locate the attack type, we will also can locate the originators of the attack and their motivations”, Crowdstrike and co-founder George Kurtz said.

Crowdstrike the big data analysis platform in order to follow the hacker groups from all over the world, according to the Kurtz , Crowdstrike in general can locate attacks of the organization and will stop the hacker attacks.

the collar on the Accel , information security has been the focus. At the same time pay attention to information security and committed to the development direction of the big data. Accel investment of not less than the information security related companies, including mobile information security company Lookout , users , and Tenable Security .

Accel the partner Gandhi said “now, if you have related to larger computer information security attacks occur, basically it didn’t take long for you all know,” he said “the essence of effect and the degree of the camouflage has a huge ascension, and is rich in resources are also a lot of attack. Now the hacker group would have not once scattered small teams. Now behind hacker groups are often not financially, even with support from the government, at the same time, they have done is not merely a anti-government activities or commercial secrets.

we want is a company can provide more protection measures, rather than just simply provide small refinements solution.”

after the financing Crowdstrike total assets reached 5600 . Kurtz said new funding will be used to call sales personnel and strengthen the construction of technical team. He also said he did not rule out the possibility of acquisition of “we are also interested in buying a few more good small businesses.”