Network literature going again: sina could not Baidu –

the author: wang cong Ji

I thought online literature the market hot spots will play in the second half of the year, but it turns out I was too young, network literature of three new players: tencent, sina, how cool recently have a big adjustment, including:

a, tencent business after long time integration, network literature conference will be held September strategy, the brand launched tencent literature.

after the integration of tencent literature belongs to the interactive entertainment group (IEG), its business includes Chinese creation, tencent original related business, such as QQ to read the original dispersed in the business of each business group, at the same time also on the micro letter, mobile phone QQ as a channel.

second, nut shell novel network online recently, sina literature rise to the surface. Sina’s reading insiders confirmed that now has spun off from sina, sina’s reading channel and micro cartoon, micro business integration, such as reading, consolidated company called Beijing sina reading information technology co., LTD.

sina reading besides do book distribution, is also a part of original network literature, shells and sina’s reading channel original novel network ( for the position, sina literature thus produced.

it is interesting to note, publicly reported reading Beijing sina CEO for chao Lv Tingbin classmate, the index Lv Tingbin have interactive information technology co., LTD. And d read information technology co., LTD is micro comics and micro reading registered company, respectively, and the nut of novel web dazzle the nut in the past for a long time by index interactive part of sina cartoon channel operation, and had an distribution cooperation with operators.

three is that baidu how cool the recent change, directly by the vice President of baidu dong-chen zhang airborne, served as chairman and CEO of how cool, how cool and cool to its literature net pattern with 91 wireless ming-yuan li playing the game.

baidu how cool it is unclear whether the situation in the future, I was only first analysis the sina (reading) and tencent’s literature.

from the business point of view, the reason that tencent and sina literature, its business logic is only one: integration, integration of the original content, channel, they own the copyright to liquidate together.

is also integrated, my point is: the good prospect of tencent literature, and sina literature is unreliable. The reason is:

1. Against do original starting point, but the different genes. Chinese belong to the starting point of the network literature classification, male frequency (mostly fantasy, XianXia, urban, competitive several classification) occupy the market main body status, in terms of network literature copyright to liquidate, such work is also the most potential. In addition, the starting point of the open platform content production mode has become the industry standard.

the problem is that sina book in the past mainly takes high-end course, give priority to with star writer works, don’t get the audience welcome network literature, tencent study is relatively weak in the author accumulated resources, make up a missed lesson two all need in this field.

so do original network literature, tencent and sina’s first thing and qidian against website: novel net, sina reading fruit shell immediately launched online author welfare; Chinese and the launch of tencent’s literary creation is the old scores.

look from actual implementation, using the original starting point team operation, Chinese website creation from the start soon poaching of platinum (god) writer, original content expanded rapidly, the author groups also generally reflect the creation of the welfare treatment is superior industry. While sina original literature benefits looks rather worrying, currently only to the authors provide a perfect attendance and the best screenplay award two kinds of income, writers generally said on the sidelines of sina’s literature.

2. The competitiveness of the two is focused on the channel. Compared with shanda literature, sina and tencent literature focused on the channel level of competitiveness, the problem is the two channels are not the same class:

(1) tencent wireless terminal channel strength, user genetic match. Insiders revealed that tencent literature, including WeChat, mobile phone QQ will become the content of the tencent literary output channels, especially tencent occupy market advantage of mobile business priorities.

last week, I wrote an article “a WeChat public caused by the change of network literature, the proposed south sent three uncle WeChat operating mode could upset the existing network literature in the future.

17 k editor-in-chief defing this analysis is that micro letter to do original literature, have to be responsible for the author’s copyright distribution, is to be the author’s agent, and the micro letter “technology curtilage” obviously difficult to assume the role, the role of the future is likely to be played by tencent literature, tencent potential docking of literature and micro letter literature may be the network literature, the biggest change in the future.

(2) the sina unreliable channels, user gene towards traditional literature. Sina channels of literature for weibo and sina, sina literature insiders said, despite the nut shell novel nets, but sina book will still be the main content of the original output channel. In the mobile terminal, sina read the contents of the output channel mainly rely on weibo to read.

the problem is that the mobile phone QQ and WeChat is really strong, and the strength of the weibo and sina only stay on paper. In fact, weibo channel currently read continues is sina’s reading style, work uniform for high-end grade of atmospheric physical books, but also does not provide online reading. As for sina? Ha ha, in the original network literature, the PC qidian most undoubtedly.

the bigger question is, sina’s reading channel main has always been a high grade of traditional literary atmosphere; Weibo playing watercress is like the rocks. The above two channels existing user groups is not matching network literature, the conversion.

3. Copyright to liquidate. If the channel level, sina and tencent are just the competitiveness gap, in the liquid level, the logic is completely different.

17 novel web editor defing is the network literature has three values:

the first is the value of copyright, network literature has now become a games, film and television, comics and other entertainment products of copyright, and copyright output can be directly converted into cash;

the second is the spreading value, that is, extensive reading, for mobile Internet users is very important, now so much from the media, including news clients hold inside;

the third is the social value, do read, also can seize the cultural celebrities, sina celebrity blogs in the past, tencent’s “people” are similar.

tencent literature fight to fight, eventually went IEG, is destined to copyright and is dominated by the IEG tencent literature liquidate the road, we have learned, tencent entertainment has each network literature as online outside things to do, such as, will prove that tencent pan entertainment strategies, future IEG surrounding the games, anime, etc can be based on this. Defeat is not say, everyone knows.

and the thinking of sina’s reading is still can’t see clearly, in Lv Tingbin dazzle the nut business introduction, introduction about its business as follows: joint operators, integrating its media resources for marketing. On sina’s media properties, sina’s reading and the value of the original literature should focus on the operators and distribution, as well as to the sina and sina weibo content added.

after the contrast can be found that tencent literature on eyes is the most potential of network literature copyright liquidated, and sina’s reading is a traditional game of network literature, even the operators and the portal of the initial phase of play.