Netizen exposure to pornographic website traffic to Mr Luo a hammer BBS

some netizens to hunt cloud network, according to the fact found large porn website traffic Smartisan OS the official BBS.

this afternoon, some netizens found hunting cloud network, revealed that the chance to enter a porn website, found its navigation page with links to Mr Luo founded by hammer technology group Smartisan OS the official BBS. According to the survey, the pornographic website traffic is very considerable.

hunting cloud network news clues, according to online, found that only love reconnaissance is a us server regular porn sites, in order to avoid regulatory and blow, website updated frequently change, so the site set up to collect page (weiaizhencha. Pen. IO), the latest address will be released on the page. The list is in the navigation page, hammer ROM BBS are put into the list.

pornography collection page, it opens at the hammer ROM, found to hammer BBS, below

at the moment, is not yet clear why porn website traffic leads to a hammer BBS. Hunting cloud network state the objective truth, only the follow-up will conduct further investigation.