Netease why do this?

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has been rife that netease telecom were pushing mobile communication products, now has finally surfaced, according to media reports, netease telecom in August will be formally issued a “letter”. In addition to the information disclosed by the outside world, more details of the author is unknown, but this does not prevent to slightly do speculation.

to be honest with you, if by netease or telecom alone to do such a product, I will not have any expectations – what is the reason it doesn’t seem like the market need another WeChat. But now it seems that a large Internet giant with one operator crocodile go hand in hand, and a far cry from. If there is a product in today may still shake WeChat, I believe that is it.

technology development today, a lot of good Internet product is not much on technology barriers. And why some of them can become the industry giant, some quickly scramble in the crowd, seems to be more depending on the time window and importance, and whether work focus, acme.

according to the media disclosure, netease and telecommunications has been to establish a joint venture operation easy. For netease and telecoms, the birth of easecredit behind there must be more consideration.

and intuitive urgently need

has proved popular micro letter, class micro letter is indispensable to the mobile Internet application products, as old text messages and phone; And it is also most likely to be the next “entry level”. Tencent microblogging battle going to lose, but with the help of micro letter in advance into the next future, breathtaking.

do the benefits of easy letter to netease is obvious. Yi letter means a chance to become mobile Internet portal, an opportunity to attract more young user groups, a and an operator corner overtaking opportunities, and cross-border cooperation experience. And easy letter such products in late enough to carry more imagination space: micro letter is owned by the public platform, as well as the upcoming game platform, etc., are attractive enough.

this product, can stab the mobile Internet strategic position, and have the ability to revitalize the netease’s more resources. Once formed, even if not with WeChat rival, also is enough.

actually not only netease, every Internet giants are eyeing the same cake. Although the outside world has a strong product, the enterprise demand is still so strong from the inside out. Who want to have the micro letter, the question is, what come on?

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