Netease to participate in research and development of “wing letter” important “wing letter” formerly known as “yi letter”

recently, operators and OTT business continued to heat up, the topic of telecommunications in tencent last month exclusive exposure of science and technology secret development after the “wing letter”, tencent technology again today learned from reliable sources that it is not official appearance of the product was not called “wing letter”, but “easy” letter.

as we have learned, originally named “yi letter” mainly because of the Internet company netease took part in one of the important products design and development, because the two sides after the identity relationship of cooperation, was renamed the “wing” letter, two in the relationship is like mobile and fetion operations support outsourcing service provider shenzhou tai yue, subsequent netease is shenzhou tai yue this role, and “wing letter” brand and software owned by China telecom.

at present, China telecom and netease company to the cooperation between each other is no official news.

it is understood that the wing is talking about China telecom in 2011 during the same period of chat software, such as WeChat, function is based on mobile phones, computers and television as a carrier, supply integration communication services such as instant messaging, multimedia communication, integration and networking, information, and other instant communication application of various kinds of information content. Although similar to chat WeChat, rice and other products form, but there are also different.

it is based on the real users, each wing chat user corresponds to a cell phone number, it have the ability to talk and this is different from Internet companies of similar products. They are developing according to the China telecom had responded “wing letter not OTT products”, and “wing” does exist, but did not release “wing letter” product, it also naturally denied “wing letter”, which is developed in view of the micro letter.

however, there is no smoke without fire. Until now “wing letter” on weibo official certification account has always been there, and from the tencent technology previously exclusive “wing letter” installation package experience later see, “wing letter” can be regarded as a “wing” upgrade products, has opened up on the latter’s function based on fixed-line communications services. As for speculation that “wings” renamed “wing letter” say there is no sign can indicate.

to tencent technology, according to people familiar with the “development” wing letter is not to challenge the micro letter, product shape is different, both true challenge, to say the three operators launched in 2011, when the product can say challenge, not today, after more than two years, apparently suspected media hype.”

but it is undeniable the emerging mobile IM software is the impact of the largest natural operator voice and text messaging market, especially for long-term rely on the voice of China mobile, the biggest impact. In the face of mobile IM sharp attack other competitors on the market, operators have to fight. “WoYou” China unicom, China mobile’s “flies”, and “wings” of China telecom launched.

so why operators have power real-time communications market? According to these people, in addition to the charges on the advantages of real-time communication is not just a simple chat tool, it has developed into a set of communication, information, entertainment as one of the integrated information platform. It not only realizes the cross text between the three operators of single point, groups, free text, users can also quickly through the phone to share photos, text, etc., for the carrier data traffic management brings the very big help.

Last year, according to

, the accelerated expansion of China mobile Internet industry, mobile Internet industry revenue more than 900 billion yuan, the equivalent of 1.8% of GDP, the added value of about $320 billion, mobile data traffic revenue exceeds 360 billion yuan.

at the same time, this person also noted that the instant messaging market had formed operators, mobile phone terminal business, the Internet company’s “three pillar” structure, various instant communication tools should be formed, but in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, only the fastest to meet user needs, low prices, and can guide the user communication habits, can support multiple operating systems of instant messaging tool to surprise.

in the mobile IM fight, operators odds have how old? Have analyzed said “advantage resources lies in its network operators, operators to launch the product itself and its business can be in-depth. In addition, operators such as voice, SMS very high permeability based on the traditional business of operation, combined with their own advantages to carry out some business or cooperation has the first mover advantage.”

for ordinary users, the preliminary trial at several similar software, but as a result of these software similar degree is too high, will ultimately choose one or two for commonly used software, other software haven’t won it naturally marginalized. So today, you can see three carriers almost marginalized IM products, the main and its product optimization is not timely, and innovative ideas by physical constraints are inseparable.

even if China telecom’s “go to the telecom” walked in front of the operator’s most part of the mobile Internet business base and privatization, including cooperative communication is responsible for the “wing” hangzhou base, but compared with the traditional Internet companies tried to bold innovation and decisive in terms of the mechanism of launching products remained a certain distance. After all, in today’s mobile Internet boom sweeping, who first introduced to adapt to the demand of products, quickly occupy the market who will have better survival.

in telecom nature also aware of these problems, to begin to introduce Internet companies to participate in business development, mainly in operational support outsourcing service provider relationship. As known as “Chinese E-mail experts” 21 cn for China telecom building 189 unification mail system. Cooperate with netease push “wing letter” is based on the level of consideration.

a source says, “wing” in the future are likely to docking with IPTV, support free speech communication between intelligent terminal and IPTV, still can use the netease mail large user base, will send to user mailbox voice, video, implement unified communications services.

“wing letter” exposure is thought to be brought about by the impact of operators of OTT counterattack. Similarly, China mobile has a low profile online fetion public platform, a source says the next step will with number resource advantage, gradually achieve entire network users open fetion business by default. However, tencent technology so far has not been from China mobile and China telecom officials learn the exact response to such a move.