Netease pr tips: xiao-long zhang also with easy

easecredit is a big fire in the past two days, the traditional authority of the media focus on easy letter, the network media repeatedly broadcast easecredit, New media about yi letter to explore more multifarious, baidu search, news from 2011 , 9 since the month, in order to “wing chat” as the title of the report only 800 , but since “easy letter” talk to “yi letter” as the title of nearly all reports, to say the easy letter is made a good start, and was an instant hit.

netease pr is very easy to believe a good beginning to force

before I also worry about easecredit public relations ability, but easecredit performance is surprisingly good. First ding in conference grandiloquence caused numerous discussions, pr publicity before the first shot; After the authoritative media repeatedly reported the cross-border new cooperation, is easy to make believe big thunder; Unto them from the media under the theory of yi letter around, all kinds of analysis reviews variety, stimulate the curiosity of a large number of Internet users; More surprisingly micro letter also to gather together a jollification, on the first day of easy letter released late again actually goes down, more foil the easy letter; Yet, the second day of yi letter claim on downloaded over millions, conveniently under the crisis public relations, and for the bug to apologize; Climaxes, rival sina, sohu and netease portal should hang on the front page ads at the same time an advertisement, making the industry for the promotion of easy letter determination in alarm; More noisy last night easecredit officer basked in micro xiao-long zhang with easecredit screenshots. I can only say, easy letter really steak.

simple lists under nearly two days easecredit pr events, beyond the expectation as a whole, the later learned that the joint venture company wing letter pr by netease is solely responsible for, netease level of public relations in the industry is talking. From the current media reports, easy to believe it is a good beginning.

will not be flooded is saliva hold up We like to be fun

but reported, with fun and the saliva is inevitable. Have to easecredit have anticipated, there is the easy letter has a question, and the key point lies in the opinion of hot flashes, currently we are not afraid to be fun, is not afraid to be negative, most afraid of is neglected, nobody poking fun at will is easy to believe the most worry thing, he scolded immortality, but can be ignored him to death.

millet, never stop, the results? Millet dubbing, valuation of billions of dollars. So sometimes the saliva will not drown you, it will make you a rising tide lifts all boats. The negative hype entertainment is the same reason. Bitch is affectedly unconventional, easy to believe now would like to be fun.

micro success can be copied easily believe needs to pay more times to

there is no deny that the rapid rise in micro letter to the topic of sex of huge help, micro believe issues at the beginning of established, has been compared to m talk when they have just launched contrast, agreement gun concept hype at the same time, the scale of hundreds of millions of users has been compared to weibo contrast, gradually become a marketing, after the media platform, then entered the stage of development model to explore, provoke operators nerve, launched a public platform accounts, enter O2O market, WeChat entrepreneurial boom, WeChat marketing to make money, and build mobile Internet gaming platform, on-line function of mobile payment, etc., subject of WeChat emerge in endlessly, never stop, blow out the reported bombing of rounds of WeChat tide. Actually WeChat is follow the topic of sex, many topics not WeChat behind, but in the process of development of WeChat nature.

easy letter has already been labeled as WeChat competitors, this is a good thing for easy letter, be opposite relationship will improve the market position of easy letter, the next is of great help public relations propaganda effect. But easy to do with the letter in the same size WeChat topic need many times efforts, the first to do would be to relish, the second will be pointing fingers. Easy to believe the next pr process cannot be stopped, because too many competitors, many giant are eyeing, once stop, is likely to have anymore.

easecredit pr first talking mode profits early

there are a lot of people worry about the easy letter model and profit, on the basis of millions of users just talking mode, profit is still too early to, model and profit will naturally found in the process of development, micro letter, Line are easy letter can be reference to the similar products, but the premise is founded upon millions user. Micro letter more than 4 billions of users has only just started looking for profit model, easy letter first do now is fast increase readership of as much as possible.

media attention to the importance of the enterprise, the product has been needless to say, for easy to believe that the similar competitive products, many mobile IM applications, media attention is more important. The function you want to stand out, products is not enough, constant exposure to attract users attention use is king. The current mobile IM the function of the same products the same, basically the same, so the best pr ability is particularly important, China telecom, select the market power to netease is the right choice.

expansion while looking for model strongest weapon open interface connectivity

model this problem can slowly find the most suitable for their own users talk without stable model of Internet companies also will die. 100 users can be popular application, 1000 users are well-known application, 1 billion users can calculate level application platform, has 1 million active users only worthy of profit model. Easy to believe that there is still a long way, the way the variables also many, social product update quickly, a flash in the pan as a product of the past too much, so easy to believe a fetion, Momo friends are all very anxious.