Netease cloud music’s letter: Mr. Li, you should change the designer!

netease science and technology published today in the afternoon the netease cloud music letter to baidu music: your worship, I helpless!” The open letter, the letter said that baidu music copied the netease design of music.

here are netease cloud music letter:

first of all, to say 1: “I’m sorry! This is a rotten terrier.” Because we talked a lot about the topic of plagiarism, and the last time seem to be just another product on your website. So, when you see new baidu music after the launch, our minds came out of the word, and we, too, some helpless.

in the field of mobile music platform, netease are latecomers, we have been carefully planning the sale of our products, also very happy after the product launch, got some recognition, especially in design. You can for us this is also imperfect interface showing such enthusiasm, we feel deeply honored to. However, your expression, let us a little can’t accept it. You have been very “honest” changed the mass-tone attune of the interface, and also “unique” to the first screen of four SFC tutu fusion has become a big figure, however, this kind of “innovation” seems can not change the interface of this product on the overall layout of the cloned netease cloud music.

we actually also have been to the bright side, it could be a coincidence that in the process of product improvement. But, see baidu music before the version of the interface and now the version of the interface, we can’t persuade myself to accept this reason.

in a fan is an important part of the music industry, so we behavior and mentality will be familiar to fans. Because they may worship and imitate the singer’s behavior or habit, but if the appearance of the cosmetic face also the singer won’t avoid overreacting. As a newcomer, we will study the competition advantage, standing on the shoulders of predecessors to look further afield, however, we see after food or choose chewed before absorption. We will also have been criticized, we dare not its own noble, but we will stick to some at least of moral integrity.

I’m glad to see the baidu music revised after finally get rid of the player’s temperament, but we cannot voluntarily stepping stone to make this change. A product design in the face of a product, you really have no? We want to use?

in fact, we also admire the courage of baidu music. Our interface design is closely combining with the characteristics of our content and design. This interface is not fit for baidu past characteristics, even may weaken the baidu to a powerful network divine comedy. For the interface of our mighty arm is really worth it?

in the end, we want to tell Mr. Li: Hi, Robin, you change the designer!

add: baidu music version 4.0 and netease cloud music industry face than:

baidu music after revision, overall, completely out of the temperament of a MP3 player, seem to find the development direction.

but a look at carefully, we found a bit familiar.

music version 4.0 overall layout with netease home page baidu cloud music surprisingly consistent, column design, label position and number of almost no difference.


baidu music version 4.0 the layout of the content, blocks, typographic style with netease cloud music.