Net dragon what important new results revealed 91 wireless data?

at the beginning of this year was claimed to be listed by way of “introduction” 91 wireless, after half a year has still no substantive progress. However, in the net dragon released last night 2013 in the first quarter earnings in the disclosure of data, but affects the nerves again, after all, as a network led by wireless business 91 will be in the future is more valued in the industry.

let’s look at the net dragon is how to evaluate the 91 wireless: wireless business has become a important business line, split the business will assist group to maximize potential value. In addition, as mobile advertising, mobile games and mall income growing, wireless business will become the important blue ocean network dragon future business form.

let’s take a look at the results disclosed the 91 what are the important information.

Financial data

91 in the first quarter earnings for wireless yuan 1.447 one hundred million yuan, accounted for 40.56% of the net dragon overall . Wireless business revenue rose 42.0% , year-on-year growth 218.8% . among them, the domestic income 1.43 one hundred million yuan, grew 218.3% total earnings 99.1% ; From overseas market return for 135.1 ten thousand yuan, grew 293.9% , the proportion is only 0.9% .

in contrast to the traditional subject business network game, earnings for the 2.12 one hundred million yuan, from reducing 7.5% , year-on-year growth 10.7% .

total employees

91 wireless business line employees total has reached 931 name, accounts for the total group 29.3% . Among them, the research and development staff total of 612 name, from the previous quarter growth 9.9% . This also see increase investment in the technology business. Total sales and marketing personnel for 266 name, from the previous quarter decreased 12, 2%. , this also directly reduce the cost of wireless service costs.

preferred shares into common stock

net dragon said in a statement, 2013 , 3 on and , 91 wireless has issued and outstanding preferred stock according to the relevant preferred stock at the time of conversion switch to pay full debt-free common stock.

among them, 91 wireless through the conversion of the time included in the first quarter of 3270 ten thousand RMB profit (in the same period last year is 396 $ten thousand worth of losses).

dragon net earnings from other concerns:

government subsidies in:

last quarter, the government subsidy is only 30 ten thousand yuan, in the quarter soared 1000.6 ten thousand yuan.

cash flow:

the year 3 on 31 day, net dragon deposits, bank balances and cash and has pledged a total of 19.08 one hundred million yuan.

once handed out equity to chao

results revealed that the net dragon company in 2011 , 7 on 22 , 2012 , 4 on 23 day, two to chao to issue a total of 80 than equity, each all is 40 than stocks. At present, chao served as the net dragon company independent non-executive directors, audit committee.