Nearly 360, sogou good, Lao zhou’s heart you never know

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sogou and 360 series of mergers and acquisitions between watched just finished planting the two seasons, a lang sentient beings, the other must messenger ashamed to say “unreliable”, should be a pair of comedy duo, is one of the eight o ‘clock the dog blood of circle of the Internet. But I heard that, the two sides have met parents, good nearly.

as a long-term view, never speak mere spectators, see this sake is unbearable, poking fun at the Lao zhou tangled in the mood now.

if the first quarter is in the first half of 360 and sogou in private eye, then in the second quarter must be baidu acquisition after 91, a really try so hard, the other a let a person see it in a hurry.

for baidu acquisition can bring the impact of the 360, 91 Zhou Hongyi nature also knows, he also said he recently during a speech at Stanford university who was involved in the phase of the takeover bid. Coupled with the bounty of ali wang, baidu for $1.9 billion, so a bit surprised Lao zhou scored 91, the price of the bounty while makes people seems to have some money as silly baidu bleeding, but also really to Lao zhou have some trouble, pushing it from 360 lightning search, publicly acknowledged and is easy to see that the sogou negotiation attitude.

1, the bride price high don’t want to marry

as GeJia said, baidu the $1.9 billion spent, is really a higher standards for the purchase price of China’s Internet industry as a whole. The price of $1.9 billion in 91 wireless, nature is a bubble, most friends are also in the news broke shouted “a little bit expensive. But 1.9 billion for rush to reinforcing the mobile Internet baidu although expensive, but is expensive and at least.

just after the occurrence of such a landmark acquisition, the other is about and is likely to happen in the future acquisition of the value of nature is also a rising tide lifts all boats, more a lot of bubbles.

to see wang after baidu to buy 91 statement is easy to see that as gourd ladle, and put the deal with his own theory of three-stage rocket explains. For the deal, wang estimates that in the surprise from the high price, more is have no matter son stealing happy. On the surface is in said baidu movements on the mobile Internet, but never forget to mention his position in the search field.

sogou, UC “the company” almost always stuck in various acquisition rumors, not only contact with the company, I am afraid, for their own value problem has lifted snacks. Especially the sogou, now can a nice price of the sold 1.9 billion, 91, zhang although in a hurry in the video, could not see the bride price money enough natural won’t let go. Sogou, after all, the situation is different from UC, sogou itself has certain profit ability, do not need to sohu blood transfusion on a large scale. And video industry monopoly bureau has been formed, zhang is in command personally though is, but sohu’s market position is not bad, not so strong sense of urgency on the competition. Although need money, but not to the point of saucepans to chip in. Sohu don’t get the money to do acquisitions, now suddenly found everyone’s price hikes, prudent zhang will naturally good point in time.

but is Lao zhou’s lack of money. According to data shows, qihoo holdings of cash and cash equivalents of only us $304 million by the end of march, if a deal between the two companies will inevitably exist in stocks, 7 billion worth of qihoo may therefore took 15%, even more shares. The repeated sogou prices higher, with the last buy sogou what is 360? Or sohu holding 360? Close beside the bed permit others to snoring sleep, elder zhou before the acquisition will naturally put the abacus, carefully weigh.

on the other hand, sogou’s maiden, sohu’s recent attitude is worth pondering. In 360 have been publicly acknowledged is buying sogou, sohu is still three words, but this time was “not necessarily”. And said it was over and discuss the matter, did not make a final decision. This a “several” even mean to say.

it’s kind of the emperor’s daughter don’t want to marry.

2, the purchase and sale of catfish entry agitation

this time the big buy baidu didn’t buy a ticket is bad to say, but at least let yourself back in the field of mobile Internet and ali, tencent against capital. And such a purchase would make BAT three open arms race? Should possibility is not big, but like catfish agitation, and the purchase and sale of the entire also makes several other is still in place on the market can be acquired on the surface of the object’s attitude has become more active.

wang xiaochuan stressed that 91 is the first secondary mobile Internet rocket, actually more like stressed that the mobile Internet 2 rocket has been out of stock, PC there are goods, buy to grasp. At a draught place themselves in a very important strategic position.

for 360, if the BAT three increases suddenly, sogou interest like baidu as a grind, a stamping out a high price, that they may really take what capital to compete with each other. Money than the somebody else, however, on the face is bad. 91 team Xiong Jun had said, and 360 cooperation there are a lot of uncertainty. Seems to be similar to the evaluation on more than ten years ago, Microsoft also heard, how can just 360 for the industry control and Microsoft compared such a monster?

what’s more, they will like Lao zhou ali to baidu bid, that on the issue of acquisition of sogou, ali, tencent will come out a spoiler? Perhaps such potential risks for 360 is the most worrying, just as the idiom – night long dream more.

can rush to buy on one side, on the other side is find sogou goods and not in a hurry to sell, conversion between supply and demand, the initiative seems to change, the price of sogou what happens it is hard to say. Just for today, zhang coming out again, emphasizes the sogou sohu for the entrance of the product role in May be a bit of meaning, but also it can be seen that although the deal will be reached, but in many details, 360 apparently has not satisfy the appetite of sohu.

3, now or never, lost no longer to

although other various possible to re-examine the acquisition value of sogou but no importance, even for baidu, sogou more just defensive means, is the icing on the cake. Norwich law there, baidu eat sogou strive for eighty percent more than the marginal cost of search market share is extremely high, baidu will now isn’t big PC search for potential market dropped heavily again this is to say. As for ali, tencent, acquisition of sogou bring to their overall value more is not big.

but for 360, acquisition of sogou is really a nice surprise. As zhou worry, 360 had a significant impact on the mobile end though, but never a micro letter such critical applications. The three-stage rocket, or level 4 rockets, seems to be ported to mobile side also have no so big effect, Lao zhou or more focus on the PC search, this is the support of future investments 360 in cash cows.

once miss such an opportunity, 360 short-term internal search is difficult to produce scale effect, thus bring substantial threat to baidu. For 360, the profit pattern of subversion the whole search space, the destruction of baidu profit pool, reshape the platform really has some difficulty is big, after all, this is different from at the beginning of 360 into the domain of antivirus. To come up with technology or patterns on a revolutionary innovation, will need to rely on market share and achieve economies of scale, enhance their bargaining power and advertisers. A quarter is indeed a can share of the node from the quantitative to qualitative changes.

but often are ideal is very plentiful, reality is very skinny. There will always be risks of profit. In capital markets continued to push up 360 shares, 360 has been sticked by Wall Street to a certain extent, once the purchase cannot be reached, after search engine by drew blueprint of 87% of the shares growth estimates are not. Without complete capital market expectations, for from the giant some gap between qihoo, pressure of the big cans be imagined.

in such a takeover battle, 360 looks like a car had launched the chariot, the car rushed up, but because of the car are tied up is really too much, when zhou was not satisfactory, it is hard to really step on the brakes.

in the face of such a sogou would like to have but a little hot, I don’t know what Lao zhou will be a bit of a worry in my heart now?