NBC News to buy mobile phone video sharing applications

according to the New York times reported, NBC News, NBC News recently bought a company called “Stringwire” mobile video applications.

it is understood that the company developing smartphone applications of the same name, allows users to after the shooting video, real-time sharing.

the NBC News the deal on the New York times referred to as the “talent acquisition”. Vivian hill (Vivian Schiller, NBC News chief digital officer), points out that based on mobile intelligent device of UGC video, will become the next wave of News industry.

Stringwire is a web-based RTC (Web real-time communication, real-time voice dialogue is a support Web browser API or video dialogue.) The application of technology. It allows users to real-time, quickly share the sound and video over the web. NBC News and other News media can make use of the characteristic of its immediacy, capture the first-hand News stories. Although this app is still in beta, but the use of extremely convenient. User just by clicking on the relevant link on Twitter, you can start Stringwire web applications.

as a product of Web2.0, UGC has become one of the most convenient means of information dissemination. Not only that, said hill, UGC and fusion of mobile Internet technology, also has a huge business opportunities. Professional personage analysis, this means that, NBC News besides Stringwire for its own development, also may through the way of payment authorization, allowing other institutions use together.