NASA official to join them, share’s moon photos

after NASA always don’t fall in the field of social people – Twitter , Facebook , Flickr , + , Youtube , even Foursquare the has its shadow. The recently, NASA high-profile again in them . if you are occasionally to share photos of space enthusiasts, or beautiful, in sets a is focus on NASA will not miss the choice. So far, the NASA posted 4 a 1969 years Apollo 11 , rare photographs of the moon shot, but also to the night LADEE ( the moon dust atmosphere and environment detector) emission.

LADEE to around the moon mission, at the same time to explore the moon’s atmosphere dust layer and the dissipation related information. NASA said will upload LADEE to Friday, Virginia state institute related photos before and after launch. At the same time, the NASA said, it will be a by the them account share more video image information, can make people more comprehensive understanding of the space, what happened on the earth. If NASA plans in the them share its rich archive photos, or share the Goddard Space Flight Center (Goddard Space Flight Center ) , Amy thought research center ( Ames Research Center ) images, it’s to be expected that the NASA will be them another scenery infinite star on account.