Nanjing for Steve will open test Facebook, Twitter and other social media

xinhuanet news: during the period of nanjing Steve will, Facebook, Twitter and other social media will open test.

“Steve will during the teenagers from different countries will be in nanjing to enjoy smooth open network environment.” Mayor of nanjing JiJianYe director meeting for the first time said before the game, “Steve will athletes like from the media, everyone is a reporter, we want to make sure that the network safety, ensure the line smoothly.”

according to introducing, nanjing is speeding up the implementation of Steve venues area optical fiber for the whole project, actively pushing forward the construction of the 4 g network at the same time to the state departments for relevant web development policy. Nanjing municipal committee and the secretary-general liu AnJieShao, already on Facebook, Twitter and other social media open test. According to understand, such as football, handball, popular project registration number, Steve will turnout is expected to break through the original estimate of 3500 people. In addition, Steve will be firmly established, and the selection process of flag raiser in progress, 800 runners selection will start soon.