Name: with deep Google product manager behind the Twitter

Twitter before product director Jason Goldman (Jason Goldman)

with fun has nothing to do with the university

when Facebook IPO last year, mark zuckerberg became the “fortune 1000” the youngest CEO in the company. Tom Wolfe (American journalists and writers) even, zuckerberg is “our century John Jacob Astor (John Jacob Astor) and Andrew Carnegie (Andrew Carnegie), E.H Harriman (e. h. Harriman), John d. Rockefeller (John d. Rockefeller and Henry Ford (Henry Ford and Bill Gates (Bill Gates)”.

zuckerberg is undoubtedly outstanding talents, but also not rare. 42 technology companies listed in 2011, the leaders of eight firms less than the age of 40. For young people full of initiative, a $1 billion business seems to be difficult to achieve. Therefore, zuckerberg generation more interested in middle management, used to go through the App Store App Store to search for the next American dream.

at the moment, like Goldman’s success is no longer seek success through university. Last week, yahoo bought for $30 million, a start-up company, its founder, age is not even yahoo itself. Goldman chose Princeton university after graduating from high school, and spend some time on some unusual professionally, such as astrophysics, and parliamentary debate. Goldman a straight is considered very clever, but where he first met the challenge. Seminars may be up to 20 hours, Goldman so find the best way to succeed is cooperation. He recalls a marathon conference said: “this is similar to the discussion of a series of problems in the project management.”

he spent great effort in college debate. In terms of need to debate the humanities, Goldman is a rarity. Goldman’s classmate jeremie Gordon (Jermiah Gordon) memory, Goldman always keep smoking, slightly cold to others, just a few hours in the laboratory. Gordon, said: “now you see he is different.” However, in the trip to the east coast over the weekend, Goldman is not self-seeking. His argument partner Anna utes gove (Anna Utgoff) said: “I met him on a table, they were ranked: who is the smartest person in the room. Many times, people will like this guy.” In 1998, Goldman and the other one The author gained the honor of the team of the year.

at the time, Goldman didn’t have any plans for the future. He jokingly said: “this is partly a result of not professional debate tournament.” When recruitment management consulting firm McKinsey to Princeton university, he joined the need by rote. In spite of his classmates and signed a contract, an investment bank, or go to law school, but Goldman refused this monotonous work processing documents. He then realized, “became one of the most famous college debate as one of the most famous technology entrepreneurs, and the pursuit of honor is very wrong”. He learned to modest, this is rare qualities in the CEO, but in the product management is very important. Of course, the downside is that he neglected his own study, the dissertation has also been postponed. His guidance teacher to the thesis of a strange name “X – Ray Clusters, Baryon Fraction and the Mass – Density of the Universe” (X-ray cluster, Baryon scores and the Mass Density of the Universe, seems to be blocked or at least not as a paper’s name).

after the first semester PhD, Goldman chose to give up and go to the west coast of the United States, when his girlfriend university are studying at the university of California, Berkeley. In January 2000, he came to the old gold hill a recruiting office. The headhunting company’s office in San Francisco the core business areas, at a time when only a few months time from the dotcom bubble burst. Coincidence, Goldman in a risk management software company to get a job, and this software after the Internet bubble is very popular. The next two years, Goldman learned all aspects of project management, participate in the development of the rules and problems of the classification, to provide services to clients, and become the interface between technical personnel and management personnel. This is a slow development and stability, no precedent before work, and Goldman well qualified for this job.

Goldman to detail transaction processing to obtain the colleagues’ praise. Stone said: “it seems to be a not to boast about work, but given Goldman’s personality, he can celebrate many small victory. Every time when he solve a problem, he will level the game of life. It’s like in the “super Mary” added an extra life.” Lead a product needs to continuously explore on the road to success, at the same time is difficult to get too much praise. Stone: “if he thinks something, so he can feel personal satisfaction, without the need to empty praise. He doesn’t need to be a focus, do not need to reputation, only hope to offer help.”

in silicon valley, a helping hand from others does not see more, at least in public situations. Computer education organization on YouTube a video attracted 10 million viewers. In this period of video talked about zuckerberg, dorsey and gates CEO. In the video, the founder of the Dropbox Drew Houston (Drew Houston), said: “this is different from playing Musical Instruments and sports.” In video, the Miami heat the NBA’s Chris Bosh (Chris Bosh) is to complete a dunk. This period of video suggested that programming between activities and achievements, full of determination between programmers and create products, is not necessarily linked.

with deep So you have not heard

often focused on technology blog TechCrunch or Mashable older viewers will also to a similar conclusion: founder a hero just because the company has received media coverage. In Facebook announced acquisition of them on the same day, TechCrunch changed the website logo, headshot of the founders of the two companies together.

flattering coverage can not only make the company founder happy, sometimes bring their wealth. Yahoo just Summly acquired company, its founder is 17 years old Nick of roche cable (Nick D ‘Aloisio). Of roche cable’s first investment is reported by TechCrunch. The blog website Gawker reported to roche cable told Gawker’s Gizmodo sent more than 100 emails, hope to get coverage. Although after the takeover, roche cable may still get some of the technology of authorization, but after the company sold he has started a comprehensive anniversary wish.

however Goldman although Twitter of success for many times, he still rarely for self promotion, and celebrations are not known to outsiders. In 2010, well-known blog journalist Sara reyes (Sarah Lacy) on TechCrunch conference Twitter message said: “Jason Goldman is probably the most unknown to the outside world in the group of people, but the best advice were put forward.” Buds and operates by PandoDaily venture-backed technology website, the site was on Twitter and its founder of a large number of reports, but except for two special article miller from the Branch, Goldman did not appear in any reported PandoDaily.

the situation of Goldman has no effect, he also like reading all kinds of reports. He said: “the whole industry like tells the story of the hero. I don’t think the public character of public figures is not good. Harm, or no help is, people seem to think, some far-sighted CEO to come up with some great ideas, then as long as you build a team can make such ideas become real now.” Another Twitter co-founder Williams agrees: “I don’t want to say, founder of the received high evaluation, but there are some people did not deserve evaluation. Goldman there is no doubt that in the group of people.”

A recent article on

PandoDaily stimulated Goldman in particular. This article from the Bleacher Report founder Brian Goldberg (Brian Goldberg). Goldberg said: “the loser there, don’t hire them.” Goldman said on Twitter: “about” loser “have some sharp but has no intention of saying. I think the ‘looking for winners’ recruitment is not appropriate.”

from Google to Twitter

in recent years, for the second time whether there are many of the dotcom bubble. Since the IPO, Facebook’s market value has fallen by more than 30%. In the recent IPO market value of more than $5 billion in the six companies, then rose only Google’s value. The fate of the tech industry exist uncertainties. “Fortune” magazine, said: “when Twitter finally launched, will shoulder the entire consumer Internet industry.” The Wall Street journal’s Dan Berman (Dan Berman) is optimistic about the future of the Twitter. Listed on Facebook, he thought, reflects the worst trends in silicon valley, the perception of value, the silicon valley culture brings about the collective and blind faith.

another co-founder of Twitter Williams is after the last one of the founders of the Internet bubble. Find work in Goldman, Williams was at a warehouse near busy content in hair cloth Blogger development tools. Littered with eccentric in his office furniture, and company operation is also a mess. Attract Goldman is one thing, when Christmas 2001 suffered black guest Blogger attack, Williams is home in Iowa. In response to the attacks, he in Kinko ‘s inn in spent the Christmas, the use of 28 k modems to maintain the site operation. By 2003, the Blogger attracted 1 million users. When their office manager quit, Williams asked for replacement has two aspects: don’t be Jason (because he already has two employees called Jason), it is best to women. However, Blogger now office manager Jason souter (Jason Sutter) a request does not comply with any of them.

Goldman was interested in Blogger, and he is fully qualified for this job. Internet prominent circle is small, at a time when Williams has attracted Dave Winer (Dave Winer), Tim O ‘reilly (Tim O ‘Reilly) and Anil Dash (Anil Dash) and other people’s interests, and became a celebrity. Bloggers to install the latest headquarters frosted glass door, set the illicit close space and mirrors, this makes gold united thought of the firm. Williams seems to be completely immersed in work, while Goldman soon discovered the reason: there were only 600 people Google hopes to acquire Blogger. The acquisition of the technology industry needs a lot of paperwork, and Williams, a way of making his became the indispensable people. Sutter said: “the Goldman soon became a Williams’s right-hand man.” When the deal is complete, Goldman faces a question is whether to remain in the company. Dr Williams, while Google has a lot of, but Goldman is the only a Blogger with ivy league school educational staff.

in mountain view, calif., headquarters, Google employees in two buildings, engineers, and sergey brin and larry page is located in the Googleplex building, while the AdWords team Moneyplex to the building. After Blogger moved in a building, and is assigned a windowless conference room Drano. With Google engineer Chris visser, Israel (Chris Wetherell) developed by another product similar to Google Reader, bloggers have encountered the problem of insufficient resources, in the Google the searched the dominant company in the dispute. Williams, am sick and tired of this environment soon. He argues that had been back to belong to the product management role Goldman can become his successor. Williams recalls: “he has the ability to do more work. If there is no Goldman, I don’t think I can leave. I have confidence he can manage the products, and continue to strive to achieve the goal we strive for.”

in the Google’s support, the Blogger users reached 20 million, while team members increased to 20 people. However, due to the bloggers often appears in some “explosive” content, because of dissatisfaction with the advertisers are put forward, this also makes the Google AdWords departments are angry. In the words of Goldman, by 2006, this argument has been upgraded to “direct turf war”. Goldman had to and then Google AdWords director Cheryl Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) clashed over the debate, and Eric schmidt and page is arbiter and judges. Sutter said: “his personality don’t like conflict. But he knew they were wrong, and it is a big mistake.” Goldman has always emphasized the importance of free speech. Though the debate, but Goldman to Google has no opinion.

if this is the external force, the internal force from Williams. At that time, Williams has been with the Biz Stone (Biz Stone), the latter due to Google’s another acquisition to join Google. nullnullnullnullnull