Mysterious ship Google, going to do?

Google moored in San Francisco, Portland, Maine near becomes very mysterious ships in recent days. Many people in the industry have to guess what purpose did these ship. At the same time, the news said the search giant Google’s agreement with the government officials are not allowed to give details, which further strengthened the mystery.

according to the latest Reuters reported that Google and no less than a coastal defense personnel, and California officials signed a confidentiality agreement.

so protective measures to the confidentiality of this project to another peak. In San Francisco, mooring ship blue tarpaulins, surrounds the chains around, and have security guards 24 hours a day. Near the construction of regulators about the project said “Buddha said”, look how the points are revealed in the feeling of reverence. Bob Jessup, told Reuters that “it’s a special project, no one will give specific information.”

but looking nationally, news, there is no control was so strict. Portland news herald a reporter succeeded in close view with Google anchor mooring ship at the port of Portland identical docking.

from the recent high observation points as you can see, the docking designed for four layers, it has 63 hollow container, each container has opened a door at the tail. At the time of docking just to local tug companies snapped pictures, show that docking in new London, Connecticut, complete the assembly. It is reported recently will also complete the internal work. These messages are very interesting, it is sad, however, that these messages are comprehensively, still not well give you know exactly what to the docking.

reports that Google will in ship structures, Google Glass accessories shop, then in the domestic ports, drift into a version of Google Glass accessories shop. But there are also people who believe Google decided to build flow data center.

data center’s point of view is also hard evidence. First of all, Google has flow understand data center technology patents. Moreover, Google has also mentioned that use flow data center in emergency for providing the data backup and support. But again how perfect are theoretically speculation, who also don’t know now what Google dozen abacus.

what will happen next? Where new hope to be able to close the docking firsthand look. Maybe we can know the true use of the docking. Or we’ll have to wait to sign a confidentiality agreement when confused mind to a solution.