My platform dictatorship Twitter killed Flattr

(Beijing time) 4 on and message, according to science and technology news website TheNextWeb reports, in social payments company Ribbon forced to terminate the Twitter message to provide payment services in a few days later, Twitter again, obstruct another startup company tried to use the platform to make money of their own plans. This time Twitter attack object is Swedish startup Flattr . Flattr the company’s service allows users to Twitter collection function to others for micropayments.

Flattr provide micropayments functions have been years of history, but last month, the company launched for the first time allows the user to them , Vimeo , SoundCloud and Flickr services such as the use of “like” or “collection” function to the others in the function of micropayments. The functions supported by the service is the most popular Twitter , Flattr now, said the company has been Twitter demanded an end to provide related services.

Flattr , Twitter “platform operation” team to contact the company, recently said they violated the API . In particular, Flattr violates the Twitter advertising policy: “service unavailable twitter profit or get subsidies.”

there is no room for negotiation

Flattr to Twitter this rule understanding, because the purpose of this regulation is to “prevent companies that sell forward or fans. “But Flattr , said the company is a voluntary allows the user to reward the original content of the author’s services. Users can’t even use Flattr to decide the amount of bonus content authors size. “ Flattr , said the company had tried to Twitter negotiations, the terms of the to get special treatment. Flattr had to waive revenue from each transaction. “But Twitter company in addition to a few fixed contacts, no one is willing to negotiate with us face to face, “said the startup.

Flattr CEO Linus olsen ( Linus Olsson ), according to Flattr products Twitter API access has not been terminated, Twitter request the company to terminate the service, otherwise will terms for compulsory execution. Olson said, Flattr will consider to switch to Twitter @ mentioned micropayments service function, and test the Twitter can you accept this way.

olsen says, “ Twitter behavior once again proved that Twitter has now become different.” Some analysts to Twitter termination of a third party to use the API provide innovation function of criticism, there are also people who believe that Flattr behavior is really breaking the API use of terms. Twitter is not yet to comment on this.