Mr Yang said PC makers are no longer lenovo lenovo’s opponents are apple and samsung!


4 on and , 2009 , 2 month, after a business crisis, return as lenovo Yang yuanqing submitted to the board a plans for future development goals four years four years; Four years ago today, Mr Yang told tencent technology and development planning have submitted all agreed upon, the next four years will continue to lenovo focused on transformation and improve profit margins.

it is understood that although lenovo in 2008 years as Olympic partners and the Olympic torch designers and high-profile, but affected by the financial crisis and the internal management problems, lenovo group 2008 full-year losses reached 2 1 $, sales year-on-year decline in the 8.9% , even several analysts and institutional declared that lenovo internationalization has failed.

2009 , 2 month, lenovo’s founder, liu chuanzhi be reinstated as lenovo group President, Mr Yang again to identity instead of professional managers over specific business associate.

, Yang yuanqing recalls, was submitted to the board of directors of the four years of planning, goals are real data, the plan covers the turnover, market share and a series of aspects of the target. Over the past four years, at the beginning of all four years planning have been reached, lenovo will this year 5 month issued 2012 in the last quarter and fiscal year results released relevant information.

Mr Yang said he has submitted to the board of directors of the association in the future four years planning, core purpose has two: one is the hope of lenovo in field have a greater breakthrough, accelerate the transformation of lenovo; The second is to improve the profitability of lenovo, set out to improve profit margins for annual growth 0.3 to 0.4 two percentage points.

, is lenovo over the past few years constantly stressed the transformation direction, namely by fade out to PC as the core, to have PC , tablets, smart phones, and smart TV terminal business itself more, provide more screen to a cloud service.

said Yang yuanqing, lenovo will increase the proportion of smartphone and tablet products. Lenovo, hoped that can realize years 1 one hundred million terminal sales, including traditional PC account for about a third of the share, tablet and smart phone has about the other two-thirds. The future of lenovo will continue to provide more products.

today, lenovo group is no longer the traditional PC manufacturer as a main competitor, said Yang yuanqing, samsung and apple in the future will be in the main rival of The Times. According to the IDC this 2 month, according to a report published in a variety of intelligent terminal number do total benchmark, samsung and apple share more than or close to 20% , lenovo’s share only 6.5% .

the big goal of remove transformation, Mr Yang will also profit margins as one of the core plan in the next four years, over the past four years, how many people, there is no question of lenovo’s market share, but more on the profitability of lenovo, a voice says lenovo group is also rely on sacrifice profits in order to gain more PC shipments of market share. To this, Mr Yang said lenovo from a quarter ago set out to improve profit margins.

according to IDC , 2013 years ago 3 months since, global PC sales year-on-year decline in the 14% , a 20 years one of the most serious landslide records. The personage inside course of study says, the next four years plan with PC is directly related to market worldwide recession, removing the transformation and the target of net profit, lenovo or to increase speed in mergers and acquisitions, in an effort to compete with manufacturers such as samsung and apple in the greater advantage.