Mr. Ma’s vanity fair: alibaba outside the circle of life

the author: li Juan

investors is easy to feel like old friends and Mr. Ma.

this is typical of Chinese businessmen in the meal: ma, everybody toasted, someone started to ask, “will you give me new play investment, the project would you like to invest together… “

life is also work world, Mr Ma also often become the protagonist of multiple ect. Latest news is that, on May 10th, alibaba group chairman of the board jack ma, former CEO, he was quickly converted to the nature conservancy (TNC), chairman of China. The well-known entrepreneurs, it seems, are not willing to simple funding public identity, and began to direct in them.

in addition to charities, Mr Ma also half a foot into the entertainment circle, as one of the 18 sponsor of huayi brothers, since 2008, ma has been the huayi brothers board, vice chairman of the board of directors. In addition, in the vanity fair of ma, he also has a little-known identity: “Chinese wine maotai culture research association, vice chairman.

these circles of friends, to ma door opened another alibaba, the charity, such as tai chi is not the same as life. Candidates for CCTV in 2005 China’s annual economic figures, Mr Ma said a speech, your greatest wealth is a friend, “if you want to leave the company, I step out the door, believe that picked up the phone, $10 million will arrive in three days.

charity ring

of noblesse oblige. When asked about what bosses are keen, “charity” should be an intersection.

jack ma and the nature conservancy (TNC) in March 2010, is the earliest the Buddhism of that time, he joined the board of directors of the TNC global, became the first Chinese board.

the nature conservancy is one of the most major conservation international organization, founded in 1951, is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, after more than 50 years of unremitting efforts, the association has been one of the top ten charity, non-profit ngo of ecological environment protection in the world.

in December 2010, Mr Ma joined the TNC has big movements, with blackstone to OuYaPing, Beijing ZhongKun of Mr Huang, Mr Hu primavera capital, Shanghai fosun guo, the old cow foundation of niu gensheng, etc. A total of 16 people, apply to the department of sichuan province was established “sichuan nature protection fund”.

these series of star names, basically every year in the forefront of the Forbes or hurun rich list, they are, always stand in the forefront of China’s rich zone.

the threshold of the foundation, foundation set draft articles of association, executive director of qualification is: “pledging not less than 3 million yuan for the first time”, “after the establishment of voluntary donors not less than 5 million yuan”.

facilitate plays the nature conservancy. In fact, TNC’s top team itself is a wealthy club. The incumbent chairman of the board, mark, who was a director of Goldman sachs, general manager, and his predecessor, Henry paulson is former U.S. Treasury secretary.

‘s g with Mr. Paulson behind Goldman sachs, in fact more earlier and Mr. Ma’s origins. For example, in 1999, with $4 million in Goldman sachs made a 23% stake in alibaba.


2012 alibaba’s retail sales have more than 1 trillion yuan, or $157 billion of goods total turnover has in fact beyond the sum of U.S. electricity giant Amazon and eBay.

jack ma have energy to do many things outside of alibaba.

since 2011, ma has become the foundation of the directors, and feng lun, jet li, liu chuanzhi, ma, ma weihua, niu gensheng, wang shi, netsnake, zhou, Amy jointly responsible for the foundation of strategic decisions.

these are stand in a trench with ma comrades. Like the cow, listed in Hong Kong on alibaba as a independent director position.

unexpected is that Mr Ma has also half a foot into the “entertainment”, in June 2006, ma 535000 yuan to buy a 10.7% stake in huayi brothers immediately into the board of directors of the huayi brothers. As one of the 18 sponsor of huayi brothers, in January 2008, Mr. Ma was elected board of directors of the huayi brothers, vice chairman of the board of directors.

it is worth mentioning that in January, Ma Yunceng with Stephen chow in a university in Beijing made a “powerful and unconstrained style” dialog, for dream, insist to do a good debate. Is a well-known entrepreneurs in the business, is a famous film actor, the two met together, artful and thought-provoking.

in addition, jack ma, and zhang jizhong a relationship is good. In 1996, with the person of hometown for zhejiang FanXin tendril had the ma recommend “Chinese yellow pages” experience in Beijing shooting into feature films, after she was married to zhang jizhong, under its introduction, ma met zhang jizhong.

this is why, yahoo search announced will invest 30 million yuan in 2006, cheng invited Chen kaige, feng xiaogang, director zhang jizhong three big domestic famous their creation time 2 to 3 minutes film network video.

jack ma and the relationship between “entertainment” bosses were immensely, if so, he was wearing a silver wave under Huang Longkai concert come as a surprise, according to his qualifications in “entertainment”, not surprisingly, what’s more, Mr Ma is the boss better in terms of singing skills, his “personal concert” at a time, also has many stars to come to the platform.

moutai will

as ali, Mr Ma has another relative to the identity of the stranger: “Chinese wine maotai culture research association, vice chairman. This is maotai group ke-liang ji, Yuan Renguo and Li Botan in December 2009 in organizing, the establishment of Beijing Chinese wine maotai cultural research association.

this is jack ma is absorbed in, in 2011, Mr Ma has also to guizhou moutai distillery special inspection once. He also disclosed that, before is not to drink, at least not to drink white wine, but now drink maotai, at the same time hope to do something for maotai.

sources, the community, at least in the ma membership of this two years, have been more active. Since then, Mr Ma founded in hangzhou jiangnan, once seen as maotai is jiangnan branch. Jiangnan is by jack ma, ding lei, Chen tianqiao, feng gensheng, guo-jun shen, Mr. Song, LuWeiDing, guo guangchang eight zheshang jointly launched a high-end club.

the news that the jiangnan, lingnan will, pujiang, Japan, Taiwan will is on the basis of maotai is derived.

have a meal is very famous in hangzhou, day ma, Mr Guo and ding, guo-jun shen, feng gensheng, ke-liang ji, Chen kaige couple, kuizhi yu, fang fang and so on more than 100 celebrities were present at the party, for real, it is said that the jiangnan and Beijing moutai will can drink to slightly different maotai.

this is Mr. Ma is very important to a circle, he had many friends in zhejiang province here, like LuWeiDing wanxiang group, because of the ma, they also invested in huayi brothers together. Zheshang friends met Mr. Song, for example, when the economic crisis, Mr Ma also not hesitate to jump out to help.

this is not so much important part of the circle ma, or rather, achievement is circle ma, ma a alibaba.

this is Chinese rich new phenomenon, these circles release different energy, these looms in the wto, Mr Ma is one of the regulars, perhaps as an important reason for his success.

in 2011, ma founded with jet li “taiji zen international development company”, jet li as a CEO. That day, on May 10, jack ma, in addition to tai chi, also wrote two words: “fan who asked zen” and “no” Say “.