Mr Luo weibo lambasting HTC One trading work badly Contempt of mainland consumers?

Mr Luo 5 on 11 15 22 published weibo said:

Bought a smart

HTC ONE , do manual work is roughness shocking: the plastic separation lines on the backplane uneven thickness, edges, microphone flash back multiple, glass and plastic joining together the top, all his mama have burr and metal plate joining together! See friends buy gray version before work is very sophisticated, Windows , HTC gray quality has been significantly better trading, are now that attaches great importance to the mainland market, but HTC obviously also not this help a grandson of his bones.

Mr Luo pointed out HTC One coarsely, before each big mobile phone BBS in China.

2013 , 4 on 3 day android network has a titled , illustrated to show the HTC One this batch cell phone work problems: gap is too big, headphones, USB no incision neatly, and so on.

according to the observation, the so-called “seamless design” is just the sides and the back is an organic whole, and the front panel is glue, if there are any error or adhesive bonding process is incomplete, will appear this kind of gap is too big and not fit up and down. HTC previous work quality is recognised by many people, but that is a veteran manufacturers, are now being reported this quality problem, it was the concern about it after the products.

2013 , 4 on 7 , HTC the official to reply. A is said to be HTC Asia executives said: HTC One work question belongs to, however, HTC what will encounter failure user provide maintenance or even replacement service. how repair and replacement, however, has yet to see the detailed arrangement.

HTC One HTC high hopes of turning work, hope to be able to take this challenge samsung flagship models. in order to be able to achieve transcendence and differentiation, HTC on the phone using the framework including all metal fuselage, new cameras many radical design.

2013 , 2 on and , HTC in New York and London released at the same time. But the delivery date is postponed to 3 end of the month, then a media delivery delay reason but may be related to the phone all metal framework related to the complex manufacturing process . HTC told the media last month, HTC One a fuselage production time need about 200 minutes to the front and back of the fuselage, cutting and processing.