Mr Luo shelling meizu MX3 marketing fool

Yesterday, meizu technology MX3 conference was held, the new generation of flagship model. When Mr Luo comment on MX3 truth, meizu marketing is a fool.
In the conference, meizu technology official explanation hand grip arc problem “j. ong, get the prototype. Just two hours later, I found? Are not as good as model. Time is not enough! But we understand that j. won’t budge. Through 3 d scanning, found that the prototype and the model deviation of 0.07 mm. For the 0.07 mm, 18 sets of abrasive and will cost millions. Today, it seems, is worth it, holding a more comfortable.”

Mr Luo to review, 0.07 the tolerance is not possible without tools by human perception. Meizu workmanship and materials has always been very good, is the industry of conscience, are not sincere, just marketing redneck city X, although very hard, but always let a person look. Wabi-sabi like this time, you just find a read book Japanese ask, meizu call don’t call wabi-sabi.
On this topic, many published views, most view also tended to Mr Luo, think meizu feel “problem is a fool.

biggjg: 1. The 0.07 mm is not feeling, is a force. 2. Different people feel is also different, J? W think the others is not necessarily appropriate. 3. Unless the MX4, MX5 also maintain the appearance, one of the best feel otherwise MX3 is bullshit

yu chun fai: conference already want to ridicule, machine production, these are all reasonable error after one by one to the customer when the time comes you still instrument to measure? Pull

a small cake: that’s bullshit, in my opinion this curved line is one of the biggest failure, now there are a few mobile phone use this design? Original apple 3 gs was so ugly, so design feels the later changed into the same size of the front side of the iphone 4, 5 also continue, ipod, ipadmini all use this kind of design also, return not bashful take move

in fact, Mr Luo has repeatedly shelled meizu. In January, the cloud network hunting the scoop some netizens in the meizu BBS published theme “to see the evaluation of wang freely, meizu struggle” posts, reference to the domestic electronic products testing site ZEALER for meizu MX2 evaluation point of view, points out that the MX2 in signal and take photos, momentum, heat and so on four aspects exist shortcomings.

the meizu founder jack j. ong post back said “don’t like to roll,”.” Jack’s nickname j. ong is meizu BBS’s most famous ID, this speech is triggering the meizu netizen a heated discussion.

Mr Luo said at the time, with jack. “Terrible fart, so speak with their consumers? The meizu products is the target customer base to force? Jack home, in the enterprise is a tuo wonderful work. This is the first time Mr Luo is public shelling jack