Mr Luo million annual salary director pay 25% higher than that in the industry

Mr Luo on weibo high-profile hiring, as much as $1 million salary for recruitment director of software development. Cloud network hunting interviewed at the executive search firm, a senior industry Shen Ang, he thinks, Mr Luo opened a salary higher than the industry average of 25%.

“1000000 annual recruitment director of software development. Requirements: 1. The seven years of mobile phone software development experience or related field; 2. The well-known enterprises more than five years of team management (more than 50 people) and project management experience; 3. Have a deep understanding on the Android system framework, platform complete solution of research and development management experience; 4. Outstanding analytical and problem solving skills; 5. Good communication and coordination ability.”

Mr Luo of the pay weibo attracted many eyeballs.

a worked for senior executive search firm Shen Ang convective cloud network said, according to Mr Luo listed conditions, eligible director general salary can reach 7.8 million. So, Mr Luo pay at least 25% higher than that of the industry are presented.

Shen Ang stressed, however, the key is how the one million a form. Is ninety thousand a month, or is only fifty thousand at ordinary times, at the end of four hundred thousand, this is not the same.

Mr Luo then reply hunting cloud network said: 1. The average monthly, not until the end of the year. 2. More than 25%, year-end bonuses and options of what haven’t into account.

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