Mr. Luo and hammer: blown up Daniel will withstand much more ridicule

the author: Zheng Jun

a few years ago there was a very classic advertising, is the extremely large texture of nokia N9 advertising black and white. Fan bingbing inside a classic lines, “I can stand much vilified, can take up much praise”. If apply in case of hammer OS before and after the conference, this sentence can be changed to: “blown up how much leather, will withstand much ridicule.”

the smartphone industry has become a bloody red sea, in addition to apple, samsung, and other foreign giants dominate the high-end market, millet, lenovo, huawei and other domestic big shots in the android side also fierce fight, more large coke and beidou killer ground low prices. But the hammer of the OS still high-profile conference, it is all because Mr Luo’s personal charm.

old, is a maverick, don’t want to walk the road, rich life experiences prove everything. He can since slapped in the face of starbucks in micro film, also can give their mobile phone named hammer (he is not a sichuan). Announced a high-profile do cell phones, since April last year by the end of march this year released a hammer OS, has through weibo and other social media for their products, as a director to guide the media watching Angle.

that’s right, in the boot media, Mr Luo jobs like his idols, “Michael” even better than before. The fat man more cruel than Steve jobs, high school drop out in business. He did a lot of things, and sell the sheep meat string, the illegal medicine, English teachers, NiuBoBo master, research and development, mobile phone and so on. But let him fame is outstanding talent of language and speech, and this is Steve jobs is best known as the talent.

“burly life don’t need to explain,” such is the remark of Mr. Luo. Like jobs, Mr. Luo is an idealist. He wants to like Steve jobs change the world, make different products, stand out in a mediocre. But, unlike jobs only shine in product release, old before the hammer OS release began to blow his own horn.

this is a supremely confident man, he firmly believed that he “will change the world, it is fate chose him”. You could say that he didn’t brag, but what is undeniable is that he makes great comedy talent weibo, with a gag of ridicule, with minimum cost to achieve the maximization of social network marketing effect. Because of the time difference, when I wake up in the morning in California, weibo news all over the screen hammer of the OS.

the audience appetite suspended to perfection, it’s never worked in mobile phone people really want to make a revolutionary product? On stage at the national center for the meeting, Mr Luo seems to have found his home, more “madness”, ridicule to the other systems and imperfections of the UI, “rounded rectangle, doughnuts, toilet”, and then introduce themselves by hammer OS.

hammer OS how? See, old really have the ambition, he wanted to rebel. Desktop icon is generally used to give up, give up the following several years of wallpaper, adopted jiugong format interface, introduction and lively UI lets a person shine at the moment. Message delay more than three seconds, mobile phone rotating screen, screen to narrow display, simplify the voice assistant, contact for more information, although these are small details, but it is the embodiment of the human, before a lot of department System seems to be no thought of these.

but then? The revolutionary products to change the world? Want to let other technology companies with a shudder products? Hammer OS is a product of sincerity, but is far from enough to revolutionary innovation, perhaps only in the Android tapping limits the hammer play space, but there is no ability to open up a hammer the heavens and the earth. Hammer OS can say good now, have ideas, but I haven’t amazing feeling, no more revolutionary features.

so, to meet Mr Luo is a frenzy of questioning and ridicule. Edgy aesthetic design always faced criticism, but more ridicule from blow from the old before. If the old no one brag, hammer OS may let a person feel surprise; But if there is no reduction of old brag, a niche UI conference and how many people care about?

with another domestic smartphone compared successful entrepreneurs to lei jun, hammer OS suffered mocking it is not surprising. In fact, Mr. Luo decided to do mobile phone also has great relationship with lei jun. Is working with lei jun of millet, Mr. Luo decided to do your own mobile phone, and then decide the UI first, then do the hardware. Though far inferior to the old, lei jun speech talent but millet was a great success, its sales of millions and billions of dollars in value.

if Mr. Luo is the idealistic entrepreneurs to change the world, so believe that lei jun in the creation of millet and design beautiful MIUI, is also a dream world, change the status quo of foreign giants dominate the smartphone industry. But before lei jun is not released in millet and beautiful MIUI high-profile promotion, even after a huge success, but lei jun summarizes the mantra is low-key “caught the tuyere, even the pig can fly.”

jobs before the release, will not boast, but apple will reveal the rumors from time to time, appetizing fanboys appetite; The many products are convincing, but jobs released many new products more amazing. Although there are some ridicule, but huge sales and profits with the fact proved that apple and jobs. And old before they didn’t prove his high-profile publicity, has yet to take out enough clout to support his confidence.

but Mr. Luo is not the average person, low-key nor his philosophy of life. In his own words, “some birds come into the world is to do what he thinks the right thing, not hide the guns. If not killed, will continue to be tough arrogance; If you are killed, Lao tze to recognize the “.

hammer OS want to change the world, but it is almost, also need to be more energetic. Old life is tough, hope he can continue to be tough. Of course, decide whether or not a hammer mobile arrogance, is the consumer, is the truth.

burly life does not need to explain.


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