Mr Luo 200 million financing behind “blues” : find xiao-ping xu investment was rejected

cloud network hunting the scoop on April 16,

Mr Luo said recently, there are Chinese entrepreneurs want to hammer technology investment of 200 million yuan.

Mr Luo said during an interview in tencent technology, have no money at the beginning, and no one is willing to invest.

“originally have no money, and everybody said no. VC investment Banks do have said no. I say you say you don’t understand, you don’t say no. You had so many enterprise, enterprise you vote? They said no. I said you are not manufacturing, you see the business model of VC is very simple, you vote are small team, nor do the hardware, also does not have that kind of so long industrial chain. There are also many is my friend, he said to, really don’t understand. I said don’t understand calculate, take money.”

assumption hammer technology to complete 200 million RMB financing, according to the enterprise financing situation, usually a hammer technology will get hundreds of millions of RMB valuation. To hunt cloud network had an interview with a famous VC analysts.

“can’t use existing business indicators to see Mr Luo’s case, because he did not have any data, now unable to judge. If someone is willing to invest 200 million, it just means that this person is luo fan, an emotional investment.”

another VC industry executives told hunting cloud network, after Mr Luo have found home VC institutions and individuals want to take too much investment, including the famous investors xiao-ping xu. But without exception, including xiao-ping xu, investors are refusing to Mr Luo investment.

the executives said, “Mr Luo is good at marketing, this is Mr Luo own hype? Dare publish what entrepreneurs to the $200 million?”

Upadate: @ Mr Luo to @ cloud network hunting denied ever find xiao-ping xu to investment.


Mr Luo: hammer technology never asked xiao-ping xu for investment. …… For there are two, I this round only in eighty million.

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