Mr Liu at the helm of Google China four years doing what efforts?

(editor: qing nan)

just last month, vice President of Google greater China President, global Mr Liu told local media. Interview, he seemed to be confident to the company, to say the two breakthrough goal in 2013, is a can make our business to a new level. 2 it is forever invariable guarantee Google employees happy.

however, the world changing. 15 July afternoon, Google company confirmed Mr Liu will leave in the near future, Google European strategic cooperation business responsible for Scott Beaumont in mid-august.

Mr Liu has been unable to meet two new target, at the same time, he also makes Google’s Chinese employees in “hesitation” again. In an interview at that time, he also earnestly explain, the idea of employees has reversed from the storm, “the worry, confused time has in the past, the feeling is back.”

at the moment, Mr Liu real leaving reason is still unknown. However, can be speculated that Google China in a certain time or will be again a series of adjustment. Although Mr Liu had already basic is headquarters of the United States in the implementation of the strategic intent.

Google China out of 2009, Mr Liu “reimbursing” lee. By now, he has been in the Google China head seat trying for nearly four years. In general, he still retained the Google China has not been completely shut down. To some extent, this is a victory.

during this time, he must face the performance from headquarters, business income, customer satisfaction, including Google China, Google in China run smooth degree, team and staff happiness and happy index, regional and global communication, etc. How’s he between staying around the stable morale, xinjiang, business development and government coordination, etc. With continuous efforts. Cloud network to take this to specific inventory of its work, hunting for readers.

stable morale

just came into office, most employees more fear and confusion. For this, Mr Liu from independent office moved, and other employees sitting in a cubicle, leisurely continue to arrange the meeting, communication, arrangement of things, the goal is to make everybody can always notice him. Wishing you see there is a leader in, the in the mind suddenly quiet a lot.

from sales, Mr Liu can realize more advertising partners here. Agent from the agent, on the other hand, big advertisers to medium and small advertisers, he actively inform the accurate information, be sure to do to communicate more.

at the end of 2010, Google China invited global engineering and research and development, senior vice President Alan Eustace (Alan Eustace) came to China, and Google research and development of the global and local executive and senior engineer, and hundreds of partners exchange Google Internet products and technology in the next decade. The meeting passed Google has never really left China.

however, there are still some executives have left, including Google, vice President of the China academy of engineering, Wang Jin, Google jun liu, vice President of the institute of China developed by web search, a founder of Google image search Zhu Huican et al. This directly affect the follow-up to promote the business to a certain extent.

Three business

lee era and domestic search Nemesis, baidu compared Mr Liu took over after Google servers have to move out. Although it is still occupying nearly about 3 into the search market share, but the case has had to adjust. At that time, he emphasizes the search advertising is not the only, will actively explore display advertising.

although search market share gradually atrophic, partners, a large number of fleeing, but through hard work, in 2010, Google China’s performance is not fall quarter by quarter growth instead. At the same time, grope for more than a year later, Mr Liu to develop key gathered in the export business, display advertising, mobile platform of three parts.

Advertising business

: search advertising is the foundation of Google China revenue, but in its own search share decreases, and sales of Mr Liu with consideration to the performance index of instinct. In 2012, the year Google advertising a substantial growth, but did not disclose the specific data.

electric business of foreign trade: due to the economic crisis in 2008, ever rely on manufacturing enterprises export bottlenecks, because of the lack of brand value, increase the unit price and profit even harder. Based on this, Mr Liu began using Google platform do brand promotion for these enterprises, and actively explore display advertising. Milan is part of the network, LAN pavilion set potential.

mobile Internet opportunities: Android open source attribute makes it has experienced explosive growth in global and China. Ai media consulting (iiMedia Research) statistics show that in 2011 China only Android developer number is as high as 780000, 2012, 1.16 million, 2013 will rise to 2013. The development of mobile Internet makes Google’s mobile advertising platform (get more development opportunities. The growth to make up for the PC down hole. By April 2013, at least 30000 Chinese developers to use such. In July 2011 to July 2012, the amount of mobile advertising request from the Chinese market grew by 120%, China become Google’s mobile advertising request quantity is one of the top five.

have shut down products

use “under the same or have the egg” is a word or to describe Google China product adjustment. In Google search search share after falling in China, the result is attached on the product gradually weak.

since 2010, Google shut down one by one the hot list, life, music search and search services such as shopping, suspended and tianya, orca digital music network cooperation, etc. All of which are done under Mr Liu dominant.

in lee dominated era, Google China in the company’s main business and cultural value unchanged at the same time, also in localization to explore. The closure of music search is seen as the end of the age of Google China localization. Information display, Mr Liu came to power, has been gradually introduced to localization. Node is a landmark event, Mr Liu told reporters: “now to restore a Google in China for a global Internet company”, we are not Google China, but Google in China “.

however, in the past few years, Google executives in China, only (or just want to talk about topics related to the “revenue”, and seldom touch the discussion related to the “technology”.

it is not difficult to understand, the Google China almost no new products launched in the last few years. If you choose a, the Google Art Project (Art Project) or can scarcely, but it has nothing to do with commercialization. It seeks to bring the world famous museums and collections into to the Internet, users on the one hand, can use the “museum of street view to roam free in the museum, you can also see million pixels of world famous paintings.

however, in Google this hierarchy guarded company system, Google China autonomy relatively weak many local company, tedious communication and approval process slow pace of things to handle.

Successor of

this adjusted, was in charge of Google European strategic cooperation to expand Scott Beaumont can bring any of the new reform measures also don’t know. It is understood that the person has a rich industry qualifications, is Refresh Mobile the co-founder and CEO of the company, and in t-mobile’s executive vice President. After he took over, or will strengthen cooperation with domestic telecom operators. After all, the android equals no formal landing in China, some of Google’s service is blocked or castration. These are urgently needed to solve.