Mr Linus said it was important to the application calls for Chrome OS provide the SDK

today with a little time to experience the Google this Pixel , I’m just a acer before the C7 (a install chrome OS system laptop, of the average user, though this gadget to 199 $, but its battery life enough to cope with a busy day. I super like chrome OS this new concept. Anywhere in the Internet bar, hotel or bar, etc, we can use reliable browsing to finish our work , although he is not in the traditional sense of the operating system .

as Linus Torvalds notebook, this is an amazing device, see him, you will want to other notebook makers are all thinking about what? Although expensive, but his touch screen is very good beautiful, according to the effect that is amazing, appearance is a little similar style and apple Macbook.

but he is a problem with the application, Torvalds wrote:

I’ll use the to jump system to deal with some work, to some of my daily work habits (read and write email), it is enough to cope, but I hope in the near future to launch a formal version . laptop use is too big for me, I use it not just reading the newspaper to write E-mail, I need to do with his compilation, among other things, I also have a lot of private things need to use a computer to deal with. But now there are a lot of things this can’t do.

this can’t run in the traditional sense of the program, I change the setting now hope I the C7 can install Ubuntu system, so I can Skype , in real life, it makes more sense. to jump this operating system, we can use it in a notebook fast browsing the web or watch movies, and do not need to start the Windows , this may save save electricity, but not all things can be so.

this question is easy to solve, that is allowed to provide software developers to develop applications platform. Comparison of Google company is an open, for me, the more hope skype can run in them to think in the to jump , with a big screen to open so beautiful Gmail , isn’t it is a bit wasteful.

the application problem, everyone is very try so hard, the WP system as well as BB10 will be rapid growth, if do not have many applications, they can’t do anything. Without a specialized research and development base, don’t want to go out and learning that is only one of their favorite operating system cannot be won. In theory, based on the WEB application is very interesting, but we haven’t found his true value. HTML is coming, but the technology is too stiff and astringent, a bit like people in toy story. We also need some time to study his real availability

prior to that, I can’t advise my mother choose a this join her got a notebook, I would like to go to the wall will be immediately, in her view, skype is indispensable. We can go back to the past, such said to her, we can use Google video group chat function. But it does not really solve the problem, in the process of human-computer interaction, should have a lot of things to do, and now this can do little, application is not available, so we need to wait. Or the introduction of a complete the SDK ( Software Development Kit, or software development kit, who is a good choice.

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