Mr Li: China is a hacker attack victims don’t be a presumption of guilt

on March 17, the 12th National People’s Congress held a conference final sitting. After closing of the conference of the state council premier li keqiang at the great hall of the people in the golden hall to meet Chinese and foreign journalists and answered reporters’ questions. Li said China was a victim of hacking attacks, don’t do “presumption of guilt”.

the ap: prime minister li, China put forward to build a new type of power relations with the United States, so China hopes that the United States do? Including the so-called U.S. strategic focus to Asia. In addition whether China will stop hacker attacks on the United States? Because this issue has caused concern for U.S. national security.

li: what did you say to the hacker attacks, it can be said to be a worldwide problem, China itself is the main victims of being attacked by hackers, China not only doesn’t support, but also against hacker attacks. What you said just now how do I feel guilty presumption? I don’t think we or less according to blame each other, do some more maintenance of network security. thank you