Mr Chou what keep HTC CEO job? Rely on fighting side-by-side with ms wang for many years accumulation of friendship

HTC struggle leaks door Mr. Chou in yesterday to attend the Asia Pacific cities summit, chairman of public support for ms wang: Mr. Chou has nothing to do with the leaks, HTC CEO in addition to the week there is no other choice.

wang is really trust weeks or for internal stability in front of the crisis that stable foreign shareholder confidence? I’m afraid to the history of cooperation between two people can see understand. Combing the origin under the cloud network hunting for readers.

1997 year, ms wang and zhuo fire soil and Mr. Chou, three in taoyuan county, taoyuan three sworn? The investment, joint 9 engineers to join hands in creating HTC international electronics co., LTD. ( High Technology Computer Corporation , which is known as HTC or HTC ), ms wang as executive chairman, zhuo fire soil, engineer is responsible for business week is responsible for technology and research and development department, HTC time first to open it.

after all the ups and downs, the iron triangle “) (zhuo fire soil, soil break down from constant overwork (long-term at 1 , 2 o ‘clock, occasionally fall asleep driving home in the road when the red light), the 2004 years of serious illness begins to fade out gradually after a company’s core business. With ms wang put forward as much as 30 quit many times – the beginning di guido era has been following his old subordinates and good brother — as a successor to develop. Production, financial, and material management are gradually to the week. 6 year, in order to reassure customers at home and abroad, the company issued a notice, let the executive general manager Mr Chou part-time vacancies for so long.

since then, experience personally took to the streets of putting up red paper hiring phase of ms wang and Mr. Chou for the new team cooperation so far.

wang is worth 113 $s and have much room of Formosa plastics production type one of the daughters of wang king, as a child go out alone to study, emerge as early as possible within the family inheritance battle out alone make today’s achievements. Ms wang like father grasped very accurate and adhere to industry trends, and know how to find the right people, also gathered around a large number of soldiers will.

so she created the company will not pull too long and operating of power strong growth. 1999 year grand electric spent early entrepreneurial raised 10 money is not working, on the brink of collapse. Grand when most big shareholders see see not pull, only ms wang to double that investment. Ms wang believes that wireless communication is the mainstream trend of the future in the technology industry, from the crisis to the connecting her full support. The 2000 years, grand electric finally with OEM HP iPAQ a cannon dozen red, began the HTC after several years of ei rey way to go.

as a devout Christian, ms wang is humble, and very enthusiastic kind, when people say “hello” dressed for a long time, often running fitness eat shaved ice with employees. Style low-key does not make widely known, often a reporter asked about the company’s performance, she also always attribute the all credit to the team. Ms wang although foreign low-key, is still a hands-on chairman. Even though the day-to-day running of the HTC to Mr. Chou is responsible, but she still lives in California to keep talking with Mr. Chou once a day, to go to the company once a month, long-term in and out of the United States, China and Taiwan, in the life most of the time is spent on the plane.

but was born in 1956 years, engineer Peter Chou in 3nd di guido work was persuaded out old leadership zhuo fire soil partnership entrepreneurship. Two people together with ideal of the “make a world-class products”, hope one day can play their own brands from contract. The idea in the foundry culture thick, emphasis on cost reduction neglect research and development in Taiwan counterparts is also taboo, after a lot of foundry enterprises with their own brands are on the decline. Insist on innovation, research and development of HTC . iPAQ on a great success, but it was not until the zhuo fire soil step that day also failed to step from have brand this step, put an accumulated a large number of technology and capital “king” HTC and two common dream of getting Peter Chou, the baton.

seldom foreign speech, introverted Peter Chou and studious, soil “o as to product with abnormal paranoid.

2006 , 6 month get political university EMBA his diploma, choose went to Harvard University for two months at the end of the EMBA short courses, strengthening of globalization, marketing, corporate and business strategy, and so on.

in order to speed up the growth of employees, Peter Chou, often to help management of books distributed to the company director, with employees on a business trip will give employee hand book, and asked the hand reading feelings back home.

zhuo fire soil is known as the “ Mr. Perfect , and Mr. Chou is known as “ Mr. Detail “. Under Mr Chou’s arrangement, every weekday taoyuan based design center will make research and development team of engineers and designers communicate directly. And the prototype of each product to provide 60 kinds of color for weeks to pick up. In order to simulate the real experience of the user, he wanted the prototype test engineer on the ear more than ten minutes.

Mr Chou, as business vice President for market trends and the development direction of handheld devices is always good talk. In a , copy the former soil “three-no policy ( 1 absolutely don’t say Numbers; 2 speak no more than two sentences; 3 not answer questions about the business secrets), all involve issues of digital, product, is it included in the scope of “business secrets” a word will not say more, even in the face of general meeting of shareholders.

2006 year, HTC to 1.5 $signed the memorandum of acquisition acquisition dopod, spits out the outside world, sees the deal involved in related party transactions (dopod chairman Lord to ms wang Chen’s nephew, ms wang early personal investment to create the company), the acquisition of self-enrichment think ms wang through a high price. Capital market town, also with the broader market plummeting share prices. In order to cope with domestic and foreign legal person asked, HTC hosted the legal person of the world’s interim presentation, people in London Mr Chou held in the meeting of national minority media conference call. When it comes to the deal involving the related party transactions, Mr. Chou suddenly silent, the media thought is short-term international phone, about 30 seconds after Mr. Chou was the sound of GengYan to occur again. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull