Mr. CAI said BAT began to decline in net friend together

has the title of “king of the webmaster” Mr. CAI said today that the big three, including baidu, tencent, ali, has reached the zenith of development, began to decline.

“Internet recently frequent mergers and acquisitions, ali baidu tencent to speed up the layout, everyone thought the future mobile Internet is BAT to continue strong, it is difficult to have the opportunity to do big small and medium-sized companies. In fact when a company needs to mergers and acquisitions to develop unceasingly, also explain themselves to the bottleneck, the innovation of the internal enterprise has reached the peak began to go downhill. Looking back ten years ago, the rise of three giants who can foresee a BAT? !

2003 three portal sina sohu netease’s market value influence are greater than the BAT. At the time of three giant BAT haven’t listed, baidu ali was still at a loss, tencent micro profit, is a grand just to rise. If the three major portal acquired when ali tencent, baidu now pattern?”

Mr. CAI’s statement caused the industry, it is important to note that according to the observation of cloud network hunting, post a comment most of the netizens expressed objection.

Wang Feihong:

I don’t feel so simple direct contrast, when in fact netease also just tiny profit, and the environment of Internet was still in a primary stage of information application, whether business or technology form for groping stage, the key is the Internet capital has not been formed, and now the Internet after nearly 20 years of exploration, whether it’s business model or capital operation has been very mature, dedicated Internet capital has been fully mature, from the point of BAT’s recent acquisition of mergers and acquisitions, industrial layout is not entirely the groping stage mode of the Internet, to say no chance, but if you can’t blend in BAT industry circle, could live is also a problem.

SuiLi will:

I think not: 1, some mergers and acquisitions is to improve themselves in the form of the most direct means of industry chain and ecosystem; 2, successful m&a reflects the corporate culture and management capabilities of acquirers.

goldbach conjecture summer:

BAT, and a few oligarchs has a monopoly, can be in technology, resources, market monopoly. Want to promotion of new startups, difficulty is great, acquisitions and mergers and the most reasonable. But it can concentrate superior resources and the Internet world leaders agree, look around the world are expected.

chao wind 99:

the number of giant IT all the way in mergers and acquisitions, IBM, EMC, ORACLE, CISCO, MS… Which is because the internal innovation bottlenecks encountered mergers and acquisitions, which began to decline after the merger?

lindane weeks – word ZhongXuan:

time say bad, innovation meet the bottleneck, buy just make up for the bottleneck. Ali acquisition of sina weibo and Scott maps in equity investment into SNS platform and O2O entrance, the strategic height of ali, ali is a shortcut to making billions of market value, ali has not entered the depth of internationalization, its innovation and potential is still huge


nonsense, oracle, cisco is the king of America’s mergers and acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions history for up to 20 years, both in their main field, or the IT field, they are not on the way down. Other IT leaders (such as IBM, Microsoft, EMC) by many examples in the field of mergers and acquisitions to expand the business.

day beslan _Arslan:

a company can only internal innovation is a problem! No matter from the perspective of the demand of investment cost and the face, otherwise innovation already out of date. Open innovation and collaborative innovation has long been the planet’s the perfect way to promote the innovation in enterprise.

Zhang Xianchao – :

m&a also won’t be able to break through the bottleneck of innovation, on the other hand, the enterprise must do more to avoid mergers and acquisitions. It should be said that in the era of mobile Internet, small business success more easily than ever before. So-called “continuously mergers and acquisitions to develop when a company needs to also show themselves to the bottleneck, the innovation of the internal enterprise has reached the peak began to go downhill,” the first half of the sentence may be set up (no long-term growth), the second half of the sentence is a bit like unwarranted

trapped cut enough:

“in fact, when a company needs to mergers and acquisitions to develop continuously, also explain themselves to the bottleneck, the innovation of the internal enterprise has reached the peak began to go downhill.” Actually this sentence is not completely right, it should be said that the need to see the specific content of mergers and acquisitions. There are so-called specializing in, if anything is oneself do, cannot catch up with the trend. If the m&a can bring a huge leap, such mergers and acquisitions may be again?