Mr. CAI do phone logic behind it

your perspective will influence the state of a person! Negative people in the face of every opportunity to think of numerous difficulties, and positive people can constantly looking for opportunity in every difficulty. Actually no desperate situation in the world, only people with a slough of despond!

this is extentics is better than the beginning of 2011 words in weibo. He said in this passage, he personally announced later does not accept any invitation and news of the meeting. Up to now, this don’t is 3 years, however, despite the “fade out” from the public, but he did not stop thinking, this let him back to reason, is now one of popular products – the Internet phone.

millet mobile phone in domestic popular quickly, set off a wave of a series of mobile Internet companies do, ali, baidu, grand and 360 giants began to test the waters, including netease ding also had planned to do mobile phones, helpless. Then do more education and training of Mr Luo, former netease vice editor-in-chief Ding Xiuhong into this field, although slightly different strategic purposes, different enterprises such as large companies rob entrance, the new company with “apple” is a dream, but all in the hope to pry open mobile business opportunities.

ideal plump, reality is very skinny. Besides millet, grand Bambook phone, baidu cloud and 360 special supply machines in addition to scattered gasps, no praise, more pity is, so far, did not reveal any sales data. Industry and the media for most mobile projects look pale, because is difficult to eliminate “home-grown” inferiority, is generally believed that hard to fight against foreign giants such as apple, samsung.

“retreat” three years why return

however, in the face of adversity, Mr. CAI seem to see the new opportunity. Leave the media for three years he will start to return, and the prospects of the picture show their investment projects tied together, and a horse is served as chairman of the company, will personally participate in project management. Although had previously served as chairman of the board of directors of the company 4399, 4399 is not his angel project, as you can see it, Mr. CAI to do mobile phone plan is very beautiful picture show is important.

the people familiar with Mr. CAI for the entrepreneurial journey is amazing. Drop out of high school living all kinds of industries, from the king of the domain name to the webmaster, from angels to heavyweight conference special guest, his step by step towards the top of the “China grass” on behalf of each step in the development step in the development of China’s Internet nodes or key products.

Mr. CAI has investment storm video city, express and CNZZ statistics, ZCOM, 58, 4399 and a series of enterprises, at the time to see the project “money” scene, 4399 steady increase of cash flow, and with the 58 city to listed, such as storm video, big V based on weibo layout, the manipulation of the transmission, it or he left one of the reasons why the public media, second-line seclusion, cruise, wait for returns.

three years has passed, however, and have different three years ago. In addition to the tao tao valley in Australia financing 8 million yuan “symbolic” listed, other project is still not big harvest, 4399 listed and squalls, 58 city badly run, ZCOM failing, microblogging platform has been declining. During these two years, Mr. CAI personally watched on weibo micro letter hurricane, millet red, is QiQiRan in my heart.

during its “retired”, all his bets of investment projects on the mobile Internet, this also shows his new thinking.

according to public information, Mr. CAI and lei jun are good friends, whether two people talked to each other to do Internet phone no from textual criticism, but after scoring red millet, Mr. CAI have reflection to: in the past two years, their biggest “lesson” is to see the trend, but the action is not firm enough.

this time, Mr. CAI really want to do it yourself. He directly as the picture shows chairman of the board of directors of the company, is mainly responsible for processing various important matters of the whole project, including team, foreign cooperation and government relations, etc.

dares to do the hand phone?

return means that the higher goal, to the personage inside course of study more expectations. This time, Mr. CAI must defeat, only the hand?

although the beautiful mobile phone still need to wait until May 16 will be released, but from the current information is visible. MeituKiss, is the official claimed that the first mobile phone autodyne is main hd skin care concept, mainly for women in the market, will be built in 8 million a front-facing camera. In a nutshell, Mr. CAI the aim of women is a niche market, and millet in male “geeks” market orientation has great difference.

sources, Mr. CAI is involved in mobile phone business plan with one hand, he is very bullish on the extension of the mobile Internet field, for projects MeituKiss attaches great importance to, often appear in the headquarters of the picture show, and meeting with team members.

in the product development path, the beautiful phone or will like millet company, that is the way of using the Internet to do mobile phone, from software to hardware, and then integrated industrial chain.

at the beginning of the birth, millet company did not release mobile phone products directly, but notes from beautiful MIUI, millet driver, millet and millet reading, such as initial test market, accumulate some users and word of mouth, and then quickly with millet, on the basis of the Internet of the new marketing mode, to occupy the market.

the beautiful company similar to a certain extent. That is, early in the picture show, the beautiful camera products such as accumulation of users, late again to enter the mobile phone business. , lei jun do had been made at the beginning of the millet company mobile phone product strategy, the beautiful should be late burst of new thinking. Performance, is one of the beautiful two years earlier than millet also established, chairman until recently Wu Xinhong changes from the firm’s founder, Mr. CAI.

so, won’t the portfolio of products can hold up Mr. CAI of mobile phone dream?

official said, according to the picture show, currently has 200 million unique users, more than 18 million active users in a single day; Camera is another product “skin care” issued 39 days and more than 10 million users. This is on the growth of the company.

women market proportion? Beautiful picture shows CEO Wu Xinhong’s answer was 70%, in his view, based on a huge number of user demand for take phone this is enough to support skin care product, therefore began preparations for the mobile phone products from July last year.

women to the point can generate unlimited impulse spending. On the arrival of the mobile trend is good at standing on time node to Mr. CAI, is necessarily see the women take the cell phone and a series of subsequent filling business opportunities. The early stage of the product main fresh “” a recruit, accumulation of user and the product impact, then gradually develop virtual derivatives, scale profit.
Markets have been verify the requirements of “take”. A casio autodyne artifact TR150, price has reached the WuLiuQian high, women still welcome.

to dabble in mobile phone, Mr. CAI also can be publicly on weibo, “the beauty of the picture show mobile phone users in more than one hundred million, and PC accumulative total more than three hundred million users, is 1% of the people want to buy is also very much oh.”

however, painted flowers easy, work hard. MeituKiss phone, after all, also did not show up, product success depends on multiple factors such as quality, ability to operate within. If successful, the domestic class become a “millet” type of the new company, but also for Mr. CAI jing beautiful CV plus a thick; If you don’t succeed, for his stores to life, will be a big stain.