Mr. CAI came out as the picture shows chairman Mobile phone project is productive, skin care


the picture show Wu Xinhong has just confirmed to us, angel investors Mr. CAI for beautiful picture show push MeituKiss phone back on the streets, chairman of the picture show.

Wu Xinhong, said Mr. CAI as the picture shows chairman, mainly on the extension of the mobile Internet field. After the chairman of the board of directors as the picture show, and will be responsible for handling various important matters of the whole project, including team, foreign cooperation and government relations. And beautiful picture show is all Mr. CAI angel investment projects, the first chairman of the project.

the picture before the show has been announced in the 5 on 16 798 art center issued the first hd is mobile phone MeituKiss , this kind of mobile phone main function, take the market for women, will be built-in 800 all front-facing camera. But some other details about the mobile phone, it is not familiar with.

extentics than 2000 in the Internet bubble burst into the Internet, rely on the investment domain a huge success. 2003 , 5 month start 265. com to 2007 Google purchase. 2007 years later, began to make network investment, investment dozens of outstanding sites, as China’s famous angel investors, investment projects include 4399 , the storm video, 58 the same and the picture show, etc.

source: phoenix technology