Mozilla: the latest version of firefox temporarily not blocking third-party tracking cookies

Beijing time on May 18th morning news, Mozilla announced this week that a temporary shielding in the latest version of firefox third-party tracking cookies. Mozilla says, before provide this functionality “there is a lot more work to do.” The personage inside course of study thinks, the function of the future will become the default Settings of the firefox browser, thereby strengthening the browser’s “Do Not Track” (Do Not Track) technology.

published earlier this month 21 browser firefox, Mozilla to begin testing the Cookie screening tool. In order to let users better control web browsing experience, Mozilla provides a technology called “do not track”. This will help users to more easily understand and control which personal information is sent, and what the user wants to protect personal information.

22 release extension for Mozilla firefox is likely to be a setback, but Mozilla can take this opportunity to further strengthen the firefox browser. Mozilla says it will delay the tool to be used as the default Settings, shielding the Cookie to “collect and analyze data, understanding the effects of shielding third-party cookies”.

the Mozilla’s chief technology officer Aaron Dan ache (Brendan Eich) said in a blog post, Mozilla is testing by Stanford university students, Mr Jonathan Mayer (Jonathan Mayer) develop a patch for firefox. This patch will allow users to have access to records website Cookie, intercept new cookies at the same time.

however, interception mechanism problems lead to the Mozilla delay using this patch. Ache that firefox 22 will default to activate cookies screening tools, but Mozilla also need to complete more work. Mozilla will conduct a test of the project, to join the “privacy protection code”, how to measure patch affects real website. Beta version of firefox 22 have installed this patch, but did not open by default.