MOTOROLA will push “pure version of the Android” not Xphone


(Beijing time) 4 on and day morning news, according to the science and technology information website reported that Google’s MOTOROLA is developing a New smartphone, use the “pure version Android system “, a big screen size is less than the current market dominance Android phone, smooth operations in a single hand.

the MOTOROLA mobile design director Jim wicks (Jim Wicks) , said the MOTOROLA mobility by Google after the acquisition, the new phone is the result of MOTOROLA mobile collaboration with Google, with other Google phone is different.

he said: “it will be no any impurity Android system. I’m very happy that we use the Android system, and bring the best Android experience. Some people like big screen, but also has a lot of people want to just the right products. I think “just right” is very important, our design will not let them down.”

wicks talked about the current mobile phone with a large number of software, this software is called the “expansion software (bloatware) “. He said, MOTOROLA mobile phone will be as much as possible to reduce these software pre-installed. But after the operator intervention, the situation may change. So far, “pure version Android system “is the only way is to buy Google the Nexus brand mobile phone, but the phone is not perfect.

to the design of the new phones, wicks said, outside of the phone’s screen frame will shrink as much as possible, at the same time will also take some scratch resistance and resistance to drop design elements. , he argues, mobile phone hardware parameters will give way to the user experience, MOTOROLA mobility will not attention away from the user, only compete hardware of war.

and HTC similar to other mobile phone manufacturers such as MOTOROLA mobility will comb product line, reduce mobile phone models will be introduced this year. The company plans to “between operators in the expression of the brand more unity”, hence the Droid , the Atrix and other random named products will not continue to coexist. MOTOROLA and Google cooperation development of mobile phone is expected to hit the market in the second half of this year.

since the launch of the first generation of the Droid phone, MOTOROLA mobile phone sales have been poor performance. Since last year by Google acquisition, the company in every quarter of losses. In the past few months, there has been talk, which is dominated by the MOTOROLA mobility is Google’s development “ X phone “. Industry insiders expect, Google can move MOTOROLA engineering ability and better design, more interesting function together, so as to launch more powerful products.

on Tuesday, Google (Eric Schmidt) AllThingsD move also said in the conference, although Android the mobile phone market competition is fierce, but MOTOROLA mobile’s new products will be a “special”. He declined to disclose the details of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone, but said people should see the New products as “mobile phone + “.

Mr Schmidt said: “about MOTOROLA mobility, my suggestion is that on the next generation of technology. This very deep impression to the person.”

the MOTOROLA mobile the spoke of a “pure version of the Android system “mobile phone is unlikely to be” X phone “, but will be targeting a previously neglected market: can be operated by one hand barrier-free mobile phone. MOTOROLA mobile after the Droid RAZR M conform to the design style, but other aspects was disappointing. But in Google influence, a new design method could help MOTOROLA mobility win in the fierce competition in the smartphone market share.