MOTOROLA patents, not to use Google MOTOROLA do more harm than good?

guide language: the foreign media today, Google last year, $12.4 billion deal to buy MOTOROLA mobility, aims to gain the latter more than 17000 patents. But against rivals such as Microsoft and apple patent lawsuit, Google repeatedly amzn, suggesting that the acquisition of MOTOROLA’s mobile did not achieve the purpose of is not worth the cost.

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buy not

a federal judge said last week that Microsoft every sales a Xbox video game system and a set of Windows operating system, only a small amount of licensing fees charged, not like Google say billions of dollars. And four days ago, MOTOROLA also on another patent case against apple.

Google, estimates that in the regulatory documents submitted in this pile deals worth $12.4 billion, $5.5 billion of which is associated with patents and technology. Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page) said in August 2011, MOTOROLA’s patent portfolio “will help Android from from Microsoft, apple and other enterprise’s competitive threats.”

Washington law firm Duane Morris, a patent lawyer Rodney sweet rand (Rodney Sweetland) said: “Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile at that time is not on impulse, but in addition to the sad, they are nothing now. Should Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile? Should buy, but don’t at that price.”

although the deal may make apple and Microsoft can’t put forward to the new patent litigation, but the search giant in a series of patent is not a major victory, such as forcing the other lucrative licensing agreement. In addition, MOTOROLA’s patent for regulators to strengthen the antitrust review of Google, make its in Europe and the United States patent lawsuits, and MOTOROLA’s patent value may not be so big investors had first thought.

repeatedly amzn for

since May 2012 acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility, Google tried repeatedly to restrict the sale of Microsoft products in Europe, but most of the change, the United States a Chicago federal court recently overturned between apple and MOTOROLA’s patent litigation, and the United States trade commission has rejected the Google is wireless technologies for apple’s claims.

a market research firm IDC Will, Philippines and the project manager (Will Stofega) said: “Google MOTOROLA mobility as weapons, constantly fired at the competition. But they did not hit a home run.”

in Seattle district judge James luo bart (James Robart) on April 25, to make a decision, that Google has no right to obtain equal to 2.25% of the retail price of the Xbox and Windows licensing fees, on the contrary, he will video decoding and wireless technology patent value as per the Numbers cents, which ultimately only the equivalent of $1.8 million. According to Microsoft, estimates that the Xbox and Windows to its contribution to the revenue of $4 billion.

on April 22, the United States international trade commission and decided that MOTOROLA mobility in a lawsuit involving phone sensors patent is invalid. If MOTOROLA mobility, the ability of the apple iPhone to the United States imports of chinese-made will be limited.

Google spokesman Matt kalman (Matt Kallman) said: “our acquisition of MOTOROLA mobility is in order to effectively deal with patent attacks around Android, absorb the innovation ability of the company is famous in the industry. In a short span of one year, we bought by MOTOROLA mobility has made great achievements, execution and development speed are improved. We filled the anticipation to the future of MOTOROLA mobility.”

value not

sweet rand argues that so far, MOTOROLA mobile patent maximum value is not apparent, which avoid these patents fall into the hand of Google’s competitors, or MOTOROLA mobility become another Ericsson and nokia, with the aid of litigation to recover them billions of dollars are being spent in the field of research and development of wireless.

in July 2011, when Google announced the acquisition of MOTOROLA’s mobile news immediately criticised by the Android mobile phone manufacturer, they think that the deal would not help them cope with patent lawsuits around Android mobile phone products. Android is currently one of the most popular mobile operating system.

Google was holding less than 1000 patents, most of them related to the search. Google need to strengthen their bargaining power in the license agreement negotiation, so as to protect the interests of all the Android client, because in general patent disputes, competitors will assess each other between the number of patents, will eventually flow net licensing patent portfolio stronger side.

Business restructuring

the investment company William Baird & amp; Co analyst Colin Sebastian (Colin Sebastian) said: “Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile, is in order to alleviate the Android camp by the patent lawsuits under pressure. Before the deal done, Google several times because of the Android related patent litigation and become the center of the storm.”

apple insists that Android phones from the appearance and function of the iPhone, and so will the companies such as MOTOROLA, HTC, samsung electronics to court. Microsoft also require production of Android devices company pay licensing fees. Microsoft’s Windows PC products are one of the main operating platform. Even when with MOTOROLA mobile litigious, Microsoft still with several Android hardware manufacturers entered into a patent licensing agreement, such as samsung, HTC and zte.

focus on patent issues, the us investment bank MDB Capital Group managing director Irene – Michael Gill (Erin – Michael Gill) pointed out that given in the patent litigation amzn and return to “the value of MOTOROLA mobile patent portfolio obviously not as good as Google expected.” According to bloomberg to collect data, MOTOROLA mobile revenue of $4.14 billion last year, accounting for about 8% of the total revenue for Google, full-year loss of about $1.1 billion.

page is the restructuring of MOTOROLA’s mobile, in order to enhance its performance in smartphone and tablet market. According to the plan, Google sold at a price of $2.35 billion for MOTOROLA’s set-top box business, cutting 5200 jobs at the same time. Stowe fei said, MOTOROLA mobility may be held in San Francisco next month 2013 Google I/O developers conference launched new equipment.

Patent market bubble

in fact, Google to buy MOTOROLA mobility is a hot trend reflects when a market – under the popularity of a number of smartphone manufacturers, pushing the value of value is to an unprecedented level. To MOTOROLA mobility in Google offer before two months, a consortium led by apple, Microsoft, defeated the consortium headed by Google, paid $4.5 billion for nortel’s patent portfolio, and the purchase price is also unprecedented.

like nortel networks, MOTOROLA mobility is also a pioneer in the field of wireless technology development. In the 1987 film “Wall Street” (Wall Street), the villain Gordon GeKe (Gordon Gekko) wearing a bathrobe 2.5 pounds DynaTAC lens for the phone in hand, believe that many people left a deep impression. DynaTAC sells for $3995 at the time, is the world’s first commercial mobile phone.

Google wishfully believe that after the acquisition of MOTOROLA’s mobile, apple and Microsoft will have to price reasonable authorization agreement with Android mobile phone manufacturers. “Obviously, Google is now in bad situation,” gill said, “every setback, will only add to Google was forced to against its very authorization agreement.”


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