MOTOROLA and the relationship between the stepmother Google: far from outside want to get close

since MOTOROLA was acquired, Moto relationship with Google has been very subtle, although Moto is now Google, but Google treat Moto attitude is not.

according to the Wall Street journal, and the subtle relationship in selling Google Moto business performance significantly.

now you can see, Moto X does not carry the latest version of android. “the reason for it is well known that, to some extent also hinted at Google with Moto the dysfunctional relationship between the two.

a Moto former staff told reporters, “we not only compared with other manufacturers do not have advantage, to be exact, (in order to avert suspicion) we are in the development of more adverse condition. “

this tension rumors most focused on the former Google android team head Andy Rubin , this person is not willing to work with Moto too close. In addition to the former Boss cooperation, not the cause of the tension and other major from Google and Moto on the enterprise culture, the concept of conflict. Has previously had spread Moto once extremely concerned cannot successful pre-installed Chrome browser. Reportedly the android team ignoring Moto communication, and has been linked to Moto keep indifference. this kind of phenomenon until Sundar Pichai take over after the android team is improving.

MOTOROLA CEO Dennis Woodside denies the concept conflict Moto X during childbirth. He said “I don’t think there is any problem during this period.” There are signs that Google with Moto two relations increasingly thaw. Woodside , Moto is to assist the parent company Google production Google Glass , and is expected to take over in the future Google Glass manufacturing issues.

but yesterday in an interview with the media, asked why Moto X carry only a Android 4.2.2 , and did not carry the latest version of the Android 4.3 , : MOTOROLA cannot from Google Android team get ahead of the new system, there he is watching the the Nexus 7 and Android 4.3 after the conference to know 4.3 long what kind.


pictured above from: Snow White and her stepmother story:)