Moto X release tomorrow morning MOTOROLA’s new website is online

tomorrow is MOTOROLA’s big day.

MOTOROLA official

Twitter account , Moto X conference tomorrow morning Beijing time point (eastern time in New york on 1 day night point, and the east eight area time difference 12 hours).

to network video broadcast, MOTOROLA will not only be for Twitter live.

RT we will not have a livestream the available of the event, but we will be live – tweeting

in addition, the authentication information for “MOTOROLA mobile technologies in Asia Pacific, PR “weibo user is now in New york, he in weibo according to American media and MOTOROLA have in internal communication, but the media have signed a confidentiality agreement, only after Beijing time tonight 3 point (eastern time on 1 days at three o ‘clock in the afternoon) to be large-scale coverage. point is but a foreign large-scale celebration conference Party .

in addition, SiXuan army also revealed Moto X after the release, MOTOROLA’s website will be a comprehensive revision. This also conforms to the media before the fact, allegedly Moto X can be personalized customization, including colorful shells, after carving patterns, set the wallpaper, etc., and these need through the website to make to order.

Moto X long what look like? Schmidt once with a white version of the attending media activity, the official photos have also been exposed. See the hunt for more leakage of cloud network did many times before: