Moto X first AD appeared in MOTOROLA Renaissance campaign begins

high-profile MOTOROLA Moto X will be officially listed in the second half of this year, so the company also launched a campaign ads. The first advertisement, the main tone is “patriotism”, emphasis on manufacturing in the United States, want to please the American consumer.

MOTOROLA global brand and product marketing VP Brian Wallace said: “the difference is that we and other companies Moto X will assemble in our the United States. Assembly plant in fort worth, Texas.” As a result, “ 7 on 4 day (independence day) to launch this advertising better.”

this is a list of the AD samples:

the advertisement appeared in the form of sheet on the following famous American media: the New york Times, the USA Today “, the Wall Street journal and the Washington post. This is the Moto X the first advertisement, this is the first step on the MOTOROLA marketing blitz.

Moto X is Google acquisition MOTOROLA after a year and a half to the new products, motorcycle whether to win the market recognition, to win market share, almost on the market performance of the phone.

advertising does not appear in the Moto X the bard. Besides call “patriotism” mood, MOTOROLA also promised this phone will be “the first you can customize your smartphone”, that is to say, users can customize according to the character, to a certain extent this phone.

Wallace told reporters: “smart phones and users have different other technology products. It is more akin to shoes, watches. Go to where, where. Everyone according to what mobile phone do you use to determine what kind of person you are. However smartphone the least personalization.”

but, how to introduce personalized? How to let people customize their own mobile phone? MOTOROLA official refused to divulge the details. Just said MOTOROLA has injected a “Google” spirit, will make the search in Google drive for mobile phones.


: since Google acquisition MOTOROLA, Moto give up South Korea market, almost out of China market. The United States market is the MOTOROLA’s life and death.