Moto X: client configuration + sparse point=flagship price?

this morning, Moto X has been released. Desire to endure ridicule, let’s take a look at its configuration, bright spot, and the price.

in the end of the aircraft configuration:

Moto X pick up a piece of 4.7 720 ( 1280 x720 ) AMOLED screen, with the the Galaxy S4 1080 p screen, however the PPI 316 screen is sharp enough.

Moto X carry is MOTOROLA by 8 chip, this is a special custom qualcomm Xiao dragon S4 Pro chip, the structure is as follows: S4 Pro CPU , 4 graphics chips, 1 situation chip, 1 voice processing chip.

simple terms: graphics processing ability and S4 Pro , CPU S4 Pro duo. Don’t say with the Galaxy S4 , HTC One compared, it even Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 than (Xiao dragon S4 Pro quad-core). But MOTOROLA official said “enough”, “higher resolution just torture battery”.

camera: pre – two million, rear 1000 . The rear 1000 mega pixels is bright spot.

battery: 2200 mAh no legend, the rules in the rules of the aircraft configuration in the end.

system: Android 4.2.2


and two

at the end of August began arriving in some countries, whether in China is still in the air.

sparse some bright spots:

, widely publicized customizable before

the front panel can choose two colors black and white, the back cover with the 16 kind of colors to choose from, at the same time the volume button, Power key can also be customized. Another news that more of the material of the back cover to choose from, including wood and bamboo.

but: Moto X will be in North America 5 operators to sell at the same time, can be customized only AT& T version. Others can’t.


, Google Now

as leaks, before you can call at any time by “Okay Google Now” Google Now .

3 , left wrist open camera

no startup screen, with a wrist can open the camera. The Verge review the function is not very spirit.

4 , the lock screen interface display notice, can quickly into the text such as

the lock screen interface display notice, sliding down quickly into the text messages, phone application.

well, beautiful Miui and the other a group of third party ROM said: I feel today has been copied.

5 , the assembly

Moto X assembly in the United States, this is the selling point of MOTOROLA to tout.

But, who CARES????

top flagship price:

I know, you are most concerned about this. So do I. However, this is the most disappointing.

North America five operators will sell Moto X , version of the contract price 199.99 $.