Moto X cell phone in October, MOTOROLA wearable equipment market has great potential/holds great promise

MOTOROLA CEO Dennis Woodside and Google executives Regina Dugan appeared in the D11 conference today. Two men, according to MOTOROLA is comprehensive transformation, and plans to launch the rich products of innovation significance.

Woodside, half-joking, said the latest version of the Android system of MOTOROLA’s mobile phone in his pocket, but he can’t take it out for you now.

then, Woodside also confirmed the rumors of MOTOROLA will launch new products, he said: “we will soon launch a flagship version called Moto X cell phone, the phone is expected to market in October.”

Woodside, points out that Moto X will carry the rich sensor, this is called “contextual understanding of” new function, you can make it clear to the phone you want to do, and automatically provide you with help, such as driving and photo offer auxiliary process.

we’ve learned from the conference, Moto X will be the first production of mobile phone in the United States. Its components will be provided by 12 countries, including the processor from Taiwan, OLED screen from South Korea. In addition, the mobile phone 70% of assembly work can be done in the United States. MOTOROLA will in fort worth, Texas, it is said, on the outskirts of mobile equipment work in a factory. As it happens, nokia also used this one. The factory area of 50 square feet, in the year to August, the total number of workers will break through 2000.

moreover, Woodside also revealed that MOTOROLA will also launch a mobile phone for the medium-priced market (between $650 to $$30 in the function of the machine’s flagship smartphone). And the mobile phone as the iPhone and the Galaxy series of powerful “weapon”.

this is don’t finish calculate, next Dugan and Woodside also show some other newfangled gadgets. For example, has the identification function of “electronic tattoo” and “vitamin pills”. It is said that these things can help identify mobile phone owner, the user’s body as a symbol of verification and password.

Dugan said: “now our smartphones stored a lot of personal information, this is easy to cause our identity theft. For forty years, we always use the “old” way validation set points, and it is time to find a new way!” Even, some advanced users, now need to use your smartphone to more than 100 times every day.

I guess you must be the “vitamin pills” for the above mentioned particularly curious. Dugan (former U.S. defense advanced research projects agency), a researcher explained, the pill has a chip, the acid in the stomach can we start it, it’s like you eat a “potato battery”. This pill can make our body to produce a unique 18 bits of the trigger signal, mobile phone received the signal, can identify our identity.

the electronic tattoo is produced by a company named MC10, MOTOROLA test combined with the company. Google, the company said this tattoo on the circuit will be used as a substitute password.

all these methods above are in order to make these products can perfect fusion and soft the human body, to avoid the secondary authentication process of hardware products.

however, in the short term, these new products can’t meet users. Woodside said, the future of MOTOROLA will not launch a mobile phone, it has been for the arrival of the wave of wearable, portable computing devices, ready.